Post sharing Glee’s most ‘unhinged’ performances goes viral on 13th anniversary

Post sharing Glee’s most ‘unhinged’ performances goes viral on 13th anniversary
‘Pink Houses,’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ and Mr Schuester covers were some of the top contenders

A Twitter thread of Glee’s “most unhinged” performances compiled in honour of its 13th anniversary has gone viral.

The series – which premiered in 2009 – about a high school musical club, has received criticism over the years concerning jokes and references that some viewers now deem problematic.

Glee, however, remains a cult classic, with fans celebrating the show’s 13th anniversary by compiling their favourite musical covers from the show in a Twitter post. The thread was shared on Wednesday (18 May). It has more than 100,000 likes at the time of writing.

“In honour of it being 13 years since Glee first aired, here’s a thread of the most unhinged performances from the show,” the caption reads.

“Kurt singing ‘Pink Houses’ and pretending to be straight,” the original Twitter user wrote.

“What about the literally CRIMINAL scene where Mr Schue tries to dissuade Rachel’s crush on him by singing two songs about wanting to sleep with underage girls?” questioned one.

Others added “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Baby Got Back”, and “Marry You” to the mix.

<p>Glee Twitter reactions</p>

Glee Twitter reactions

“Honestly, the fact that it was completely unhinged was the enjoyable part,” someone else commented. “It’s campy satire and that’s what made it wildly entertaining. I was never a superfan but I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed the mess.”

Since Glee came to an end in 2015, multiple cast members have become embroiled in their own scandals, including the show’s lead Lea Michele, who was accused of behaving on set in a manner that some co-stars found “traumatic”. Michele – who played Rachel – later issued an apology “for any pain caused”.