Couple accused of using electric shock device on their children

Couple accused of using electric shock device on their children
Couple in jail without bail

A mother and her boyfriend have been arrested in Utah for allegedly using an electric shock device on the woman’s young, handcuffed children.

The couple were arrested on Saturday by police in the city of Ogden on Thursday, after an officer reviewed security camera footage of the alleged abuse.

“I was able to review security footage and I saw (the man) holding an extended electronic shocking device and reach out and touch the 5-year-old child on the left arm,” police wrote in arrest documents, the Gephardt Daily reports. “As (the male suspect) touched the arm, the child violently pulled his arm away from the device and tried to get away from (the man), but was unable to do so because he was handcuffed to his 6-year-old sister.

“I watched as the 6-year-old reached out and physically stopped (her mother) from touching her with it and attempted to get away from her and the device, but was unable to do so due to being handcuffed to the 5-year-old child,” the documents continue.

Both adults, 29, were booked into Weber County Jail, where they remain without bail.

The couple were identified as Jared Michael Hamilton of Ogden and Mercedes Barbara Compton of Pleasant View in court documents charging the pair on Monday, KSL reports.

They are each charged with two counts of child abuse and inflicting serious injury intentionally, a third-degree felony.