Faye and Teddy look set to fall out over a clip of her during the Casa Amor episodes

The contestants on ラブアイランド were left reeling after being treated to a “movie night”, which turned out to be a show-first screening of their past moments on the show.

Earlier on in the episode aired on Thursday 5 8月, Jake received a text to tell the group about the plans for the evening.

"島民, tonight we are treating you to a night at the pictures. #madmovies #21stcenturycocks,」と読んだテキスト.

The girls and boys then had to compete with each other to pick which movie clip they’d watch.

しかしながら, it soon emerged that the group weren’t going to be treated to a showing of Dirty Dancing または When Harry Met Sally.

The boys and the girls were split into their respective group and asked to answer questions from a quiz.

First the islanders were shown a clip of Jake saying he was unsure whether his physical attraction to Liberty matched his attraction to her personality.

The groups were then shown a clip of Faye talking about sharing a bed with Sam, while Teddy was in Casa Amor, after she believed Teddy had kissed another girl outside of a game.

Teddy was visibly upset by the clip, as Faye claimed she had “told him everything already”.

A preview of tomorrow night’s (金曜日 6 8月) episode showed Faye and Teddy in an argument about her actions, with more clips to be shown.

ラブアイランド continues each night on ITV2 at 9pm.