Manhunt for armed ex-soldier ends in shoot-out with police in France

Manhunt for armed ex-soldier ends in shoot-out with police in France
A search had been underway since Sunday

An armed former soldier on the run after being accused of shooting at police in France has been “neutralised” following a 24-hour manhunt.

In a tweet on Monday, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced that the wanted man, identified as 29-year-old Terry Dupin, “has been neutralised”.

The National Gendarmerie confirmed the incident, asserting that he had been “mastered” following an exchange of fire.

The force said there were “no injuries among the gendarmes” in the arrest.

Releasing a photo of Dupin, the Gendarmerie National had said the 29-year-old was adangerous individualactively wanted for “殺人未遂”.

Citing police sources, 保護者 reported that the search had begun after Dupin showed up at his former partner’s home at around midnight on Saturday, despite having a restraining order following four other past domestic violence convictions.

The suspect allegedly struck his former partner before firing a hunting rifle at her new partner, without hitting him.

Dupin, who served in the army for five years, was reportedly not allowed to own weapons and may have therefore obtained the rifle illegally.

できるだけ多く 300 gendarmes had been deployed, along with multiple helicopters, to help track Dupin down and “protect the population”, the force had said.

As the manhunt began early Sunday, the prefecture of Dordogne had asked that residents stay home in the midst of the operation.