住む: Amazon could restock PS5 consoles shortly – how to get one

住む: Amazon could restock PS5 consoles shortly – how to get one
All the latest news on PS5 console restocks at retailers across the UK, ゲームを含む, Amazon and John Lewis


戦場 2042 digital standard edition on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 now offers cross-gen bundle

アップデート: PS5はでドロップする可能性があります ジョンルイス & パートナー そして 非常に 今週. 詳細については、以下をお読みください.

ザ・ PS5 11月に発売 2020, but supply problems and a global chip shortage caused the production of Sony’s next-generation console to slow to a crawl. New stock is still difficult to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out almost instantly.

September was a mixed bag when it came to PS5 restocks, but was still much better than June and July. Although not as good as August, we still saw some hefty drops at 非常に, BT, EE, アルゴス, アマゾン, スミスのおもちゃ そして ゲーム. 我々は持っていた 10 drops to end the month of September. 今の質問, です, will October be any good? It doesn’t look too peachy so far. 今月, we’ve only seen online restocks from AO.com, BT, そして ShopTo, と ゲーム joining the gang yesterday. plus an in-store drop at スミスのおもちゃ.

あなたがまだPS5を探しているなら, あなたは正しい場所に来ました. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on プレイステーション 5 英国のすべての主要小売店からの補充, オンラインと店舗の両方, 噂のリリースの詳細を提供するだけでなく, 最新の PS5ゲーム そして 付属品 スナップする.




When will there be an Xbox series X restock?

Console hunters, we don’t only track the PS5 here at IndyBest. We’ve also got an Xbox series X restock liveblog, where we spend our days predicting drops from previous restock patterns and knocking on retailers doors, demanding to know when stock will drop next.

Need a new Xbox? We’d recommend running over there to see if you can bag one with our handy tips.

今日の新しいXboxを探しています? 在庫があるものを見つける場所は次のとおりです

XboxシリーズXの現在の在庫はどこにありますか? Follow for live Xbox series X stock alerts from Argos, Currys Very and more

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 13:20

When will Currys get a new PS5 shipment?

Redeemed a カリーズ PS5 VIP code recently? @ PS5StockAlertUKによると, the retailer is expected to get a new delivery of consoles on 24 10月, and it will be reserved for those who have already redeemed a VIP code.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Currys VIP code system, 本質的に, the retailer used to run a raffle where customers could win a ticket to buy a PS5. It closed to new entrants in June, but people who signed up then are still receiving codes every couple of weeks.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 12:30

Why is the PS5 disc edition easier to find than the digital?

This is something you may have noticed if you’ve been trying to hunt down the PS5 for as long as we have – there always seems to be more disc edition consoles available than digital editions. なぜ?

One reason is, もちろん, price – the disc edition costs more, so retailers can theoretically make a bit more cash by selling them. The second reason is a little bit more obscure.

いつ Eurogamer spoke to sources at various retailers before the console launched, retailers told the website that they had been allocated around 25 per cent digital edition consoles and 75 per cent disc edition consoles.

It’s unclear whether the situation has changed since then, but we expect the disc edition to continue to be more plentiful than the digital.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 11:40

When could John Lewis PS5 pre-orders open?

Come on chaps, let’s wipe up our アマゾン-induced tears and start looking ahead to the other potential drops this week. 承知しました, it’s been a quiet week so far, だけで ゲーム dropping stock, but we’ve still got the afternoon to go, plus Thursday and Friday, もちろん.

ジョンルイス & パートナー is predicted to have a restock this week, with pre-orders going live any day between now and Friday. Expect a restock to take place at 7am.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 11:10

Could the PS5 still drop at Amazon this morning?

アマゾン, you cheeky devil. Despite the retailer updating its PS5 listing this morning, we’re sad to say that it now seems unlikely that it’s going to drop the console today, just based off the time.

Amazon rarely drops the PS5 beyond the 10:30am mark. It also pretty much never drops consoles on a Thursday or a Friday either, so we’re now predicting a drop on 19 または 20 October instead.

We’ll never say never though. We’ve been burnt too many times by those unexpected drops which pop out of the blue.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 10:40

When did Very last have a PS5 restock?

It’s been a whole month since 非常に last had a PS5 restock, with the online retailer last dropping disc and digital edition consoles on 14 9月. That’s a とても long time for the retailer to go without a restock. We usually see one drop every two to three weeks.

If the retailer does drop this week, we could see it restock today or tomorrow between 9am and 11am. Keep an eye out for this one, because Very drops are usually long and fruitful.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 10:10

Game PS5 pre-orders

While we wait for アマゾン to drop or not drop the PS5 this morning, heres your friendly reminder to pop into your local ゲーム store to get yourselves added to the retailers’ PS5 pre-order waiting list if you failed to secure a console yesterday.

If you’re lucky, your store might even have stock in the back somewhere, meaning you could be walking out with a PS5 tucked underneath your arm without having to wait a single second.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 09:40

When did Amazon first make the PS5 exclusively available to Amazon Prime customers?

It all started on 14 7月. Amazon made both editions of the console exclusively available to Prime members 初めて, それ以来, only Prime members have been able to buy the console from the retailer.

You can’t get around this Prime exclusivity by using アマゾンスマイル or anything – trust us, we’ve tried, so your best bet is to get the 30-日無料トライアル and cancel before the trial ends.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 09:20

News on today’s potential Amazon PS5 restock

Is it about to happen? アマゾン has just updated its PS5 listing page with the standard “Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to the PlayStation 5” message. It usually only updates the listing with this message before a drop, so one could come soon, although the restock isn’t guaranteed. It does also mean that if the PS5 does drop today, it will be Prime-exclusive.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member already, we’d recommend signing up for a 30-day free trial. それはで落ちる可能性があります 9:30午前.

アレックス・リー13 10月 2021 09:05

Could Amazon PS5 stock drop this morning?

It seems like アマゾン has been really struggling with securing stock recently. Before the drop on 22 9月, it had gone a whole six weeks without having a single drop.

Over the past year, we’ve come to expect a restock every two weeks, but Amazon has been having issues sticking to that pattern over the last couple of months.

It has been exactly two weeks since Amazon last had a restock, so it should technically drop this morning. 再び, if it doesn’t drop by 10am, it’s a dead duck.

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