Berry and cast of ‘X2’ were reportedly concerned for their personal safety

ハルベリー once told director Bryan Singer to “kiss my Black ass” on the set of X2.

Co-star Alan Cumming claims that Berry hurled the insult at Singer because they were worried for their safety and also the welfare of the director.

In his memoir, Cumming writes that Berry told Singer: “I’ve heard enough. You can kiss my Black ass,” during an intervention staged over concern for the director and his drug use.

本の中で, Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life, Cumming says that Singer was abusing painkillers and exhibiting worrying behaviour such as mood swings, temper tantrums and disappearing from set for hours at a time.

The actor says he, ベリー, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, James Marsden and Famke Janssen in full costume went to Singer’s trailer to discuss his behaviour.

Cumming says that Berry “spoke movingly of people she had known with drug issues”.

He then claims that Singer replied in anger: “You people are full of f****** s***!” Cumming claims that Singer, who has been accused of sexual assault of a minor, then berated the cast.

Cumming says that Singer said the cast “were lucky to be working with him”.

Cumming adds that the cast were told to “muddle through” the rest of the shoot by the studio.

Berry has previously discussed her poor working relationship with Singer: “I got into a few fights with him, said a few cuss words out of sheer frustration. When I work, I’m serious about that. And when that gets compromised, I get a little nutty. しかし同時に, I have a lot of compassion for people who are struggling with whatever they’re struggling with, and Bryan struggles.”


Singer has not made a film since being fired from ボヘミアンラプソディ for allegedly disappearing from set.

以来 1997, Singer has been accused of sexual assault and rape by multiple men.

独立者 have contacted Bryan Singer’s representatives for comment.