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Love Island’s Shannon Singh slams ‘disgusting’ racist abuse and trolling

Love Island’s Shannon Singh slams ‘disgusting’ racist abuse and trolling
‘Proud of my ethnicity – anyone being racist can f*** off’

Ancien Île de l'amour contestant Shannon Singh has hit back at “disgusting” trolling and racist abuse she received after tweeting about one of the couples on the show.

The 23-year-old model posted a statement on her Instagram Stories, revealing that she received comments calling her “half-breed” and adding that she was “really upset how people can stoop so low”.

Tuesday’s episode of Île de l'amour saw four couples at risk of being dumped from the island and resulted in Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland leaving the villa.

One of the four couples who were at risk was Faye Winter and Teddy Soares, who Singh said she thought were “really well suited” on Twitter.

But her opinion was met with backlash from fans of the show. It comes after regulator Ofcom received nearly 25,000 complaints following an episode in which Winters launched into an outburst at Soares.

Singh wrote: “Guys because I’ve got an opinion on my Twitter of a compatible couple I’m now receiving trolling and racial abuse and people calling me h*alf breed [sic] and calling me all sorts cause I had an opinion OF A SHOW THAT I WAS ACTUALLY ON.”

Elle a ajouté: “Proud of my ethnicity – anyone being racist can f*** off. Pretty disgusting and I don’t normally even give these things the time of day but not having racial abuses thrown at me.”

Singh, who is of Indian descent, became the first contestant to leave the villa after 48 les heures, and has since tweeted her thoughts as she followed the series from home.

She Raconté The Daily Star after her exit from the island: “I think I can agree that the people – I love Libby and stuff – but I don’t think they were my type of people to be honest, no.”

She added that they were all “lovely and amazing” and she would see them at the reunion episode, when the cast usually attend an end-of-series wrap party after the winners have been announced.