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Britney Spears shows off her natural singing voice in new Instagram video

Britney Spears shows off her natural singing voice in new Instagram video
‘Pssss new song in the works,’ wrote star in since-deleted caption

Britney Spears has shared a video of herself doing vocal runs in a new Instagram video.

The singer shared a clip of herself singing in her natural voice on Wednesday (22 desember) alongside a since-deleted caption hinting that she is releasing new music about her “white ‘classy’ family” and “what they did to me”.

The caption read: “I just realised this today guys. After what my family tried to do to me three years ago … I needed to be my own cheerleader !!!! God knows they weren’t …so I just read up on myself and this is what I found.”

She then quoted her RCA Records artist bio, mentioning that she has won several Grammys and sold nearly 100 million records worldwide.

Spears continued: “I’m not auditioning for anything !!!! I’m reminding myself and the world of who I am !!!! Yes … I will be my own cheerleader … why ???? I’m here to remind my white ‘classy’ family that I haven’t forgotten what they did to me nor will I ever forget !!!!”

Hun konkluderte: “Pssss new song in the works. I’m gonna let you know what I mean !!!!!”

Den uavhengige has contacted RCA Records for comment.

Spears has not released a new album in five years. Her last one, 2016’S Glory, included singles “Make Me” and “Slumber Party”.

Forrige måned, Spears said she believes her parents “should be in jail” for putting her under a conservatorship til 13 år.

The singer had her personal affairs, career appointments and finances legally controlled by the ruling, which was petitioned by her father, Jamie, i 2008.

He pointed to her public mental health struggles as justification for the move, and what was intended as a temporary arrangement was made permanent by the end of that year.

På 12 november, a judge ruled that the singer be given back control of her personal and financial independence for the first time since 2008. The news caused her fans to celebrate around the world.