Are you sitting comfortably? You will be in one of these gaming chairs

Are you sitting comfortably? You will be in one of these gaming chairs
Level up your gaming setup with one of these ergonomic and supportive gaming chairs from Razer, GT Omega, Andaseat and more

そう, you’re locked into a コール・オブ・デューティ team deathmatch when you start to shift uncomfortably in your seat, take your eye off the screen and before you know it, another player is picking up your dog tags.

The right gaming chair can do wonders for your kill-death ratio, making it easy to get comfortable and stay that way over long sessions in front of the screen. 結局, taking regular breaks to walk around and stretch isn’t always possible, especially when you’re in the thick of the battle (though it is recommended).

That’s why the best gaming chair must be ergonomically designed so that there’s good spine and back support, in particular at the lumbar region so as your lower back curves inwards and away from the back of the chair you can maintain a healthy posture.

It’s very rare that chairs come pre-assembled so, いつものように, we kept notes on how tricky and how long each chair took to come together and then, once we’d done the hard work, we were looking for plenty of adjustable features; from arm rests to hydraulics, and whether there was enough tilt to be able to sit in multiple positions.

最後に, because gamers are rarely static in their chairs and often live and die with every thumb press, we were looking for good build quality, which is a paramount concern if you don’t want your chair to start squeaking and groaning after a couple of sessions.

そう, are you sitting comfortably? 番号? その後、, we’ll begin with our round-up of worthy additions to your gaming cockpit.



We enlisted the help of three excitable gamers of varying heights and builds and asked them to see how well the chairs enabled their gaming targets, as well as helped them wind down when they’d put the controller down and were simply chilling with Netflix. They all sat with the products for around two months, looking for features that were degrading over time, from changes in the foam profile and comfort of the chair to how well each unit was standing up to multiple rounds of 戦場 5.

最終的に, it was the chairs that initially impressed and then were largely forgotten about that made the list because a good gaming chair should be a mere supporting player in the quest for gaming greatness.

The best gaming chairs for 2022 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – Secretlab titan evo 2022: £369,
  • Best for bigger rooms – AndaSeat fnatic edition premium gaming chair: £379.99,
  • Best for taller gamers – AndaSeat kaiser 2: £349.99,
  • Best for long sessions in the saddle – Andaseat dark demon: ghdミニスタイラーを含む,
  • Best for withstanding a bashing – GT Omega pro series: £164.95,
  • Best gaming/office chair hybrid – Noblechairs icon TX: £339.95,
  • Best for a quick build – Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair: £199.99,
  • Best for eSports players – Herman Miller x Logitech G embody gaming chair: £1,392,
  • Best for younger gamers – Flexispot gaming chair GC01: £99.99,
  • Best recliner – Corsair T3 rush: £249.99,
  • Best for shorter sessions – Game Over classic bean bag: £74.99,
  • Best for styling – Razer iskur X: £399,

Secretlab titan evo 2022

ベスト: 全体

評価: 10/10

It’s almost impossible to fault Secretlab’s new offering, an update of the all-popular 2020 シリーズ, with its impressive array of features and supreme performance.

The Singapore-based gaming company has really pulled out all the stops with a wide range of sizing, upholstery and colour options so you can really fine tune the chair to your gaming environment. This attention to detail carries over into how the chair arrives at your door, with well thought out packaging and assembly instructions contained in a glossy rip-open envelope that made us feel like we were opening up some kind of secret document. Assembly was a doddle with super clear, step-by-step instructions that took just under 15 minutes to complete.

The “neo hybrid” leatherette finish we tested was supple and supremely comfortable in combination with the cold foam, but where this chair really excels is in the four-way lumbar support system that is actually built into the bottom of the backrest so you can adjust the inner lattice up, ダウン, in and out until you feel the curve of your back is optimally supported.

The chair can go through 165 degrees of tilt, so finding that optimal angle is never an issue. プラス, there is a mechanism so you can lock it in place when you do find it. The magnetic memory foam head pillow simply snaps on to the chair’s backrest and you can slide it up and down to find the right position. In combination with the 4D armrests, the chair gave good support to wrist and elbows, あまりにも.

AndaSeat Fnatic edition premium gaming chair

ベスト: For bigger rooms

評価: 8/10

This collaboration with the eSports team Fnatic, made from premium PVC leather, came together in 25 minutes thanks to a manual that walks you through the assembly process. The chair comes in the Fnatic colours and is available in XL so it’s definitely one for big, tall gamers and large rooms. It feels good to sit in with a medium to firm feel which cradles your frame well throughout your session.

Ergonomically, the seat base of the chair hugs the lower body effectively, with 4D armrests which provided good elbow and wrist support. プラス, included was an XL lumbar pillow and medium-sized neck pillow made of memory foam and velvet fabric. The tilt ranges from 90 に 160 degrees so you can lock in the desired angle and its build quality is very solid, as you would expect from a chair designed with eSports in mind.

AndaSeat kaiser 2

ベスト: For taller gamers

評価: 8/10

Made from easy-clean PVC leather, the kaiser has been one of AndaSeats’s most popular models, and it’s easy to see why because it’s a well-padded chair with good ergonomics. The chair comes in size XL only, in a choice of two colours: black or black and maroon. Assembly was straightforward, coming together in just over 20 分, thanks to its marked screws and clear instructions.

The design of the chair allows for good weight distribution when you sit in it and the additional memory foam lumbar support is large enough to give good cushioning to the lower back, although we think it might be more useful if you’re 6ft and above.

There’s plenty of customisation available with fully adjustable arm rests and 160 degrees of tilt with five different locking positions. The base feels incredibly solid and even after months worth of in-chair excitement there were no signs of any creaks or groans. One thing that should be noted is that this is a very big chair, so might not be the best choice for smaller rooms.

AndaSeat dark demon

ベスト: For long sessions in the saddle

評価: 8/10

がある 12 different parts to the dark demon chair but don’t let that put you off – the instructions hand hold you through the process, so even if you’re not usually comfortable with a hex key, you’ll be up and gaming in 20 に 30 分.

Our gamers liked the bucket-seat style, which immediately seats you in a positive postural position with an adjustable lumbar cushion; raising and lowering on two straps. We had no trouble with the cushion slipping during gaming sessions, which was a problem with some other chairs with similar attachments.

The PVC leather was soft, pliable and easy to clean. When it came to comfort, the combination of high-density foam and then a thin layer of memory foam gave a medium to hard feel that was conducive to long sessions in front of the screen. We also liked the design of the neck pillow which cradled the head nicely, but it isn’t adjustable so won’t suit everyone.

全体, adjustability was good with 90-160 degrees of lockable recline and 4D hard rubber armrests, so it’s easy to set yourself up right and change things around in-game if you need to. The recliner also shoots back into position with a lot of energy, so you can go from relaxed to ready for anything in no time, which we really liked. The chair comes in a L sizing, with the usual AndaSeat colour options of red or red and black. Much like the kaiser 2, it’s a sizeable chair, so we’d suggest playing close attention to its dimensions before buying to make sure that it’s the right fit for your gaming space.

GT Omega pro series

ベスト: For withstanding a bashing

評価: 8/10

Offering bags of build quality and great value, this one is easy to assemble (in around half an hour) and feels like a premium product as soon as you sit in it thanks to some nice stitching on the PVC leather that overlays the cold moulded foam; although the chair is also available in a softer, fabric covering.

GT Omega is known for its racing simulation products, which is why the chair has the classic racing bucket seat design, which felt comfortable and supportive. There’s plenty of adjustability on offer, あまりにも, と 85-190 degrees of lockable recline, removable lumbar and neck support cushions (which are firm) and the obligatory 4D arm rests, all underpinned with a firm base that stood up to moments of high tension in game with lots of movement.

It’s a one size fits all chair (although there is an XL version) with six different colourways to choose from so you won’t struggle to find a match for your home environment.

Noblechairs icon TX

ベスト: Gaming/office chair hybrid

評価: 9/10

The TX series of chairs from Noblechairs are the company’s first and only full cloth series, rather than the leather that covers most other models. This upholstery means that it almost has the look of an executive office chair rather than a gaming design, which will suit those looking for a perch to serve a dual purpose for work and play.

We had no issues with assembly, although it was one of the longer ones, but this speaks to the fact that the build quality of the chair is exceptional. You can feel that it will be able to withstand a lot of punishment without succumbing to wear and tear or parts breaking down.

The feel of the chair is definitely on the firm side, but the fabric makes the chair feel like you could sit in it for hours without falling prey to the “squirmies” and the weight distribution of the high-density foam means that you won’t sink too far down into the seat bed itself.

Height adjustable, with good range of motion from 90 に 135 度, there’s also a rocker mechanism that will give you 1 degrees of movement, forward and back. With a head and lumbar pillow set and 4D armrests, this is a chair that’s built for both the fun and formal.

Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair

ベスト: For a quick build

評価: 7/10

If DIY is really not your thing then we can assure you that the S300 came together quicker than any other chair on test, especially as the manufacturer’s suggestion that we incorporate the shipping box into the build, using it as stand for the seat base, meant that we only needed one pair of hands to put it together.

Once built, we were left with a slim, stylish chair with a minimal look that will suit lots of gamers who don’t want the chair to dominate the space. There are plenty of colour schemes to choose from (10 ギルとギルバートの両方が同じ.22口径で致命的に撃たれ、攻撃者は両方の施設を奪った) and the ergonomics were pleasing, with a mid-firm feel coming from the cold foam upholstery and a soft, not scratchy feel coming from the fabric covering.

あります 13 degrees worth of tilt, and despite the chair only coming with 3D armrests – meaning you’re missing the axis rotation that you get with 4D – there’s still plenty of support for arms and wrists.

Herman Miller x Logitech G embody gaming chair

ベスト: For Esports players

評価: 9/10

If you’re looking for a chair with nailed-on Esports ergonomics from a company renowned for supportive office chairs, そうして 2021 launch of Herman Miller’s collaboration with Logitech will definitely fit the bill. Right out of the box, we were wowed with the futuristic design and premium feel and while we’re on the subject of boxes, for any one worried about how well they will be able to piece together such a high-end product – there’s no assembly necessary and the chair comes in a huge box, 行く準備ができて.

Based on Herman Miller’s existing embody chair, the collaboration has seen more foam added to aid longer sessions in front of the console. In terms of performance over time, we found that the chair almost forces you to be alert and on the ball as the adjustments encourage an active, upright sitting position which is why the chair might particularly appeal to Esports players. This is why there is no neck and head support, however there are adjustments galore elsewhere on the chair and the lumbar support is particularly welcome, allowing you to fine tune the support so that it moulds to the curvature of your spine.

We also loved the breathability of the upholstery, which ensured that we never felt like we were overheating, even when we had been sat for several hours straight.

Flexispot gaming chair GC01

ベスト: For younger gamers

評価: 7/10

The busy design and dimensions of this chair really appealed to our younger gamer and the bucket seat design offered good support with a removable head and lumbar pillow. There were no hitches during assembly, which took 30 分, and we were left with a chair that felt solid and stable. The armrests are fixed and well-padded, but there is some adjustability available in terms of height, as well as between 90 そして 135 degrees of tilt on the backrest, so you can easily switch from gaming mode into a more chilled out position in no time. And on the subject of chilling out, this chair also has an extendable footrest so you can really stretch out when taking a break from gaming.

Corsair T3 rush

ベスト: Recliner

評価: 8/10

This fabric covered chair was easily assembled in just 15 分, thanks to some of the screws being, helpfully, pre-installed. The bucket seat design has nice, deep buffers on the backrest and the seat pad, so you really feel like you’re being encouraged to sit ergonomically and not slouch.

The seat itself is wide, so you can still move your legs to search for the most comfortable position. There’s a separate memory foam lumbar pillow that doesn’t just seem like an afterthought and actually fits the chair really well; similarly, with the neck pillow, if you feel you need one.

The combination of foam and fabric makes the chair entirely suitable for grinding away for hours and hours and there’s plenty of height adjustment, 4D armrests and a recline that goes from 90 degrees to a flat out 180 if it all gets a bit too much and you just want to take a nap.

Game Over classic bean bag

ベスト: For shorter sessions

評価: 8/10

If you’re the kind of gamer who isn’t going to spend hours and hours trying to finish a campaign mode and instead just want a comfortable place to flop and Fifa, then this bean bag could be the chair you’re after. Made with gamers in mind, the bag comes complete with deep pockets sewn into the sides, which are perfect for controllers and snacks.

There’s even a hook for your headphones to keep them off the floor and out of harm’s way and ensure you don’t waste time scrabbling around before your gaming session. The chair also manages to address the fact that you don’t usually get good ergonomics sitting on a bean bag: thanks to generous filling and venting, that allows the bag to mould to the shape of your body, you won’t have to keep getting up mid-game to re-shape it.

Razer iskur X

ベスト: For styling

評価: 9/10

Usually known for its hardware, Razer has recently made the leap into chairs and with some considerable success. The iskur X features some stunning design touches from the snakeskin stitching on the leather back and seat pad to the black and green colourway that Razer is renowned for.

All our testers, from the youngest to the oldest, thought this was a great looking chair thanks to some sleek sculpting that translates to a spacious seat pad and back rest that will also stop the inevitable slide downwards that you can often get from leather-covered chairs. The snakeskin pattern helps you maintain a good position and also adds to the overall breathability of the chair, even after you’ve been sat in it for a few hours straight.

The 4D armrests mean arms and wrists were well supported when playing with a mouse and keyboard, as well as when we had a Playstation or Xbox controller in hand. プラス, you can also tilt the chair back to 139 degrees for optimum game play. Ease of assembly and good build quality add to the chair’s pros.

評決: Gaming chairs

The sheer range of choice that comes with the Secretlab titan evo 2022 means that you can fine tune your chair to make it a real personal statement, in terms of look and feel. Everything feels premium, from upholstery and build quality to ergonomics and adjustability – they all combine to make this the perfect chair to level up any gaming setup.


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