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Soulja Boy accuse Kanye West de l'avoir fait virer d'autres morceaux

Soulja Boy accuse Kanye West de l'avoir fait virer d'autres morceaux
‘Before this Donda album s***, nobody wasn’t trying Big Draco like that,’ rapper said

Soulja Boy has hit out at Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, again for allegedly getting the Chicago-born rapper kicked off other artists’ albums.

En août, Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, had claimed that his verse on Donda, Ye’s highly-anticipated album, was cut without notice.

Ye’s album was released on 29 August following multiple delays. The 32-track record featured a long list of guests, including Jay Z, Playboi Carti, Le weekend, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi and Young Thug.

Soulja Boy, pourtant, claimed that his verse on the track “Remote Control” was cut from the final version. The song instead featured a verse from Young Thug.

In a series of tweets in August, Soulja Boy addressed Ye, l'écriture: “Idk how to feel, Kanye sent me that song ‘Remote Control’ and I don’t hear my verse on it… hmm f*** that n***.”

The rapper then shared a screenshot allegedly showing a text exchange between himself and Ye, accompanying the image with the caption: “This n**** Kanye smh. Tell homie don’t hit my phone no more.”

Le mois dernier, Ye apologised to Soulja Boy after claiming that he dropped him from his recent album because his verse was “trash”.

“Yo it’s Ye,” Ye wrote in a screenshot posted on Instagram. “Love you bro. I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse.”

Soulja Boy responded by heart-reacting to the message, writing back: “Love you too bro. That’s all I wanted.” The post has since been deleted.

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À présent, Soulja Boy has blamed Ye again, claiming that the Donda rapper is the reason he is being kicked off other songs.

In an Instagram live broadcast, Soulja Boy claimed that both Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Yachty have cut him from songs, en disant: “Kanye, this is your fault.”

L'indépendant has contacted Ye, Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Yachty’s representatives for comment.

“Before this Donda album s***, nobody wasn’t trying Big Draco like that," il a dit. “Now you got Lil Yachty sending me songs, and taking me off the song. You got Stunna 4 Vegas sending me songs, and putting the songs out with Big Yavo and SSG Kobe. What is going on around here?"

pendant ce temps, Ye is busy gearing up for his Larry Hoover Benefit Concert with Drake, which will air on Amazon Prime and IMAX on Thursday (9 décembre).