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Kim Kardashian’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover sparks mixed reaction from fans

Kim Kardashian’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover sparks mixed reaction from fans
‘After all you’ve been working towards to show regular day to day women who are incrediblethis is what you do?’

Kim Kardashian er Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s newest cover star joining singer Ciara, author Maye Musk, and rising model Yumi Nu as part of the 2022 issue.

The cover marks the first time that the 41-year-old reality star has posed for Sports Illustrated.

While photographed by Greg Swales in the Dominican Republic, Kardashian was styled in several pieces from her SKIMS swimsuit collection, including a pair of nude elbow-length gloves featured on the cover.

The Balenciaga ambassador also collaborated with the fashion house’s creative director Demna Gvasalia as she wore a mix of leather and sporty looks.

“Kim, no stranger to the world’s judgment, continues to live proudly, authentically and unapologetically through the noise," sa SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day.

Sports Illustrert badedrakt broke the news of the latest cover star to its Instagram page on Monday, along with pictures from Kardashian’s photoshoot.

The publication captioned the post: “KIM. KARDASHIAN. Ja, you read that correctly. Mogul, søster, friend and damn good mom – #KimKardashian is here to break the internet (en gang til!) You’ve seen Kimmy on every other cover, but SI Swimsuit is a first and we don’t mean to brag, but we’re a bucket list moment for the billionaire entrepreneur.”

derimot, the announcement was met with mixed reactions from fans of the annual swimsuit issue.

While some applauded Kardashian on landing her first SI Swimsuit dekke, others shamed the publication for promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

Many critics cited Kardashian’s notorious use of photoshopping her social media posts, as well as her recent comments that she lost 16 pounds in three weeks to wear Marylin Monroe’s dress at the 2022 med Gala.

“But why? Plenty of other available people with sports connection that could use the exposure,” commented an Instagram user.

“This is embarrassing,” one user commented. “After all you’ve been working towards to show regular day to day women who are incredible.. this is what you do? Yikes”.

Another person said: “Lol way to promote a woman who promotes starving herself to fit into a dress”.

Til tross for kritikken, Kardashian celebrated the cover story on her Instagram, calling the photoshoot “such an honor and a dream”.

For the 2022 issue, Kardashian wrote a brev to her younger self, offering advice to an 18-year-old Kim.

“It’s easy to say to just ignore the criticism, but another thing you’ll learn is that at some point it will click in your head that it’s not about you anymore. It’s about family. It’s about helping other people,” Kardashian said in the letter. “For years you’ll be putting yourself out there (wait until Instagram comes along).”

Hun fortsatte: “I’m not saying you shouldn’t; it’s all so fun and embarrassing and amazing and stupid. But you’re going to become a more private person and you’re going to come to realise that the way to get your story out there – the actual narrative, the truth – isn’t by engaging but by doing.”

The mom of four highlighted her journey to becoming a lawyer throughout the letter, noting the time she lobbied lawmakers to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, who was pardoned in 2018 after serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug-related crime.

“I don’t want to spoil it anymore and tell you all the things you’ll accomplish. But know this,” Kardashian added. “When you get here, to May 2022, you’re not going to be content. You’re still going to be looking for that next ‘it’. And when you find it, you’re going to do it—we’re going to do it – like we always do: to the fullest.”