Squid Game creator wants ‘more people’ to recreate show on YouTube

Squid Game creator wants ‘more people’ to recreate show on YouTube
YouTuber MrBeast offered a £342,000 prize to compete in non-lethal version of Netflix show

Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk has shared his thoughts on the real-life versions of his show popping up on YouTube.

Last month, video maker MrBeast made headlines after creating a real-life (although non-lethal) version of the hit Netflix show, inviting ​​456 random players to compete in a tournament offering a $456,000 (£342,000) cash prize.

The video saw contestants participate in games like marbles, tug of war and the glass bridge challenge.

Appearing at the Gotham Awards last week, series creator Hwang admitted that he had watched some of the fan-made versions on YouTube.

“I watched some of it. I loved it,” he said (via ScreenRant).

“It helped me promote the show too. So I want more people to do it.”

MrBeast, who has 83.5 million subscribers on YouTube, said that his video cost $3.5m (£2.6m) to make, with $1.5m (£1.12m) going on cash prizes. At the time of writing, the video has been watched nearly 150 million times.

Unlike in Squid Game, none of the players in the YouTuber’s game were harmed when they are eliminated, with eliminated players in fact being awarded some cash for their participation efforts.