Netflix’s Squid Game makes history with Screen Actors Guild award nomination

Netflix’s Squid Game makes history with Screen Actors Guild award nomination
Dystopian K-drama has earned four SAG award nominations, including best drama ensemble

Netflix’s smash hit イカゲーム has become the first foreign-language TV series to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) 賞.

ファン・ドンヒョク’s dystopian show will compete against shows such as 継承, モーニングショー, そして ハンドメイドの物語 のために 2022 award for best drama ensemble.

Tick TickBOOM! actor Vanessa Hudgens and Dopesick star Rosario Dawson announced the full list of nominees in an Instagram Live on Wednesday (12 1月).

イカゲーム 俳優 イ・ジョンジェ and Jung Ho-yeon are also in the running for best male and female actor in a drama series, それぞれ. With a nomination for best stunt ensemble as well, the show is up for four SAG awards this year.

Hwang called the historic nominations the “happiest moment” since the show’s creation.

In a statement published by 締め切り, the director said: “The fact [それ] not just one or two leading actors were recognised, but the whole cast was nominated as the best ensemble. It brings me great joyjust being nominated.”

その間, Jung, who played North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok in the show, 前記: “We’ve been watching a lot of American TV and film, and to be one of those nominated is crazy.”

‘Squid Game’ cast members Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, とパク・ヘス, with director Hwang Dong-hyuk at a red carpet event

見せ物、ショー、芝居, about a group of debt-ridden people who compete in a series of deadly games to win a jackpot cash prize, was released on Netflix in September.

1か月後, Netflix announced that イカゲーム had become the streamer’s most-watched television series after a record 111 million viewers tuned into the K-drama.

Netflix’s hit show took home one award during the recently concluded Golden Globes award ceremony, which took place on Sunday (9 1月). O Yeong-su was honoured as the Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series for the 77-year-old Korean actor’s performance of Il-nam, also known as “the old man” on イカゲーム.

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十一月に 2021, Hwang confirmed that the hit Netflix series had been renewed for a second season – after イカゲーム mania surged across the world, spawning viral internet challenges, restaurant menus, and YouTube videos.

当時の, the director had said: “There’s been so much pressure, so much demand, and so much love for a second season, so I almost feel like [視聴者] leave us no choice.”

The 28th SAG Awards ceremony will air on 27 2月 2022 at 5pm Pacific Time on TNT and TBS.