Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reese Witherspoon among stars to celebrate 4th July

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reese Witherspoon among stars to celebrate 4th July
Celebrities shared photos and messages to mark the US holiday

Arnold Schwarzenegger, January Jones and Reese Witherspoon are among the celebrities who have marked 4 July on social media.

From memes to inspirational photos and costumes, there were many celebrations of Independence Day to be found online over the weekend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a photo of himself sitting on a motorbike and wearing a top emblazoned with the American flag, captioning the post: “Happy Fourth of July! I always say that I was born in Austria, made in America. This is the store in Graz where I found the magazine that became my blueprint for getting to America when I was just 15.

“My dreams would have been impossible anywhere else, so today and every day, I’m grateful for the United States.”

He added: “I will always fight for our country to be better every day, because being the greatest country in the world isn’t easy. We have to work our asses off to keep improving. That’s patriotism.”

Mad Men star January Jones shared a photo of herself at home posing in a red, white and blue costume and holding the US flag. “I’ll be your calendar girl!” she wrote.

See some of the celebrations below.

Matthew McConaughey also delivered an address to Americans.

The Oscar-winning actor shared his wishes for the US in the video posted to Twitter, as he called on people to put aside their individual needs to support “our collective responsibilities”.

Will Smith, meanwhile, paid for a fireworks display to mark the day in New Orleans.