EasyJet passengers stranded in Germany overnight after plane makes emergency landing

EasyJet passengers stranded in Germany overnight after plane makes emergency landing
‘It was a complete nightmare,’ says traveller

A planeload of easyJet passengers was stranded in Germany overnight after their Scotland-bound flight was forced to make an emergency landing.

Flight EZY6892 from Dalaman in Turkey to Glasgow departed at 10pm on 22 June and was due to touch down at 1am on 23 June.

But the service had to divert to Frankfurt after a woman became unwell onboard.

Passengers were then stuck at the airport overnight after being deplaned just after midnight.

One traveller described the experience as “a complete nightmare”, after being forbidden from leaving the airport due to security reasons.

Izzy Mcfaull, 52, told The Daily Record: “They took us off the plane at midnight and it was chaos because the airport was normally closed then. I had bought my daughter a bottle of Grey Goose and the security staff took it off me and binned it.

“Nobody from easyJet was there. Some people were sent emails but we were told to contact them via email. After seven hours they offered us food vouchers and put us on a shuttle bus to go to another part of the airport for food.”

She added: “There were small children and families on the flight and the situation was dire at some points. Some people were asking to go outside for fresh air after we had been inside for hours but the security staff said no.”

Passengers were put on a flight home the following morning.

An easyJet spokesperson told The Independent: “EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY6892 from Dalaman to Glasgow last night was required to divert to Frankfurt due to a passenger on board requiring urgent medical assistance and the passenger was met by medical services on arrival in Frankfurt.

“Unfortunately due to the airport’s curfew, the flight had to be delayed overnight and departed this morning.

“Due to the curfew, passengers were unable to exit the airport and while this was a matter of security, we fully understand the difficulty this will have caused.  

“Our team worked closely with the airport to ensure passengers were as comfortable as possible in the circumstances, providing free food and refreshments from the aircraft upon disembarking and passengers were also provided with refreshment vouchers in the airport.

“We would like to apologise again to our passengers for their experience and thank them for their understanding in these difficult circumstances. The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority.”