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Boris Johnson tells Strictly dancers to get their jabs

Boris Johnson tells Strictly dancers to get their jabs
‘It’s a great thing to do’: Prime minister says everyone should take up offer of vaccine

Stars of the BBC’s Kom streng dans should get their Covid vaccinations, Boris Johnson gesê het.

The prime minister weighed into the row during a visit to the US to meet president Joe Biden.

Two unnamed professional dancers on the hit show have reportedly refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, causing complications before the show’s return, with celebrity guests said to be unhappy to be partnered with them.

In an interview with GB News in New York, Mr Johnson was asked what message he would send to any of the dancers resisting inoculation.

“Everyone should take their jabs,” he replied.

“Everyone should take their jabs and I’m saying that not in a hectoring and bullying way, but just because I think it’s a great thing to do.”

Strictly Come Dancing returned to TV screens on Saturday with a pre-recorded launch show revealing which professional dancer each competitor has been matched with, before the live show kicks off on 25 September.