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Is Harry Styles about to launch his own beauty brand? Fans think so

Is Harry Styles about to launch his own beauty brand? Fans think so
Posters and social media accounts for mysterious new brand have emerged

Harry Styles may be launching a skjønnhet brand called “Pleasing” very soon, after posters and social media accounts for the range emerge.

It comes after US Weekly revealed in May that the pop star listed himself as director of a company called Pleasing As Holdings Limited with his executive assistant, Emma Spring.

På søndag, GQ style editor Zak Maoui shared images of “Pleasing” posters spotted across London on Twitter, sparking further rumours.

The posters show black and white images of models posing on a beach, with the word “Pleasing” printed across. Maoui captioned one of his tweets: “Pleasing by Harry Styles is here.”

Fans also spotted official blue-ticked Instagram and Twitter accounts for the brand, with both accounts amassing tens of thousands of followers despite having few to no posts. Both accounts carry the tagline “Find your pleasing” and each follow just two accounts: Harry Styles and Harry Styles HQ.

There is also a website for pleasing.com, but so far there is nothing available on it. Fans can enter their email address to get updates.

While the official accounts and website have yet to share any product information or release dates, images of nail and skin products reportedly from the brand have been shared on Instagram by beauty news account @trendmood1.

According to the account, the brand launch will include a set of nail polishes, skin and lip serums, and “cooling steel rollers” for eyes and lips. Promotional images included in the post show a pair of hands wearing rings that have the initials “H” and “S”, along with other chunky rings reminiscent of Styles’ own.

I august, Styles was spotted wearing a black hoodie with the word “Pleasing” printed on it, which some believe may hint towards branded merchandise.

Fans of the former One Direction band member have taken to social media to share their excitement.

“I don’t need my money, you can take it Pleasing by Harry Styles,”Skrev en person. En annen sa: “Imagine being able to wear a nail polish created by Harry so when people compliment or ask about the nail polish you can say ‘Oh thank you it’s Pleasing by Harry Styles’.”

Den uavhengige has contacted Harry Styles’ representatives for comment.