10 best men’s waterproof boots that are stylish enough for everyday wear

10 best men’s waterproof boots that are stylish enough for everyday wear
Prepare for the wet weather with these stylish men’s waterproof boots from Amazon, UGG and Timberland

Do you know how much it rains here? A wry acceptance of precipitation is part of our DNA in the UK, but even so, the statistics on rainfall may exceed your expectations.

According to Statista, it rained 165 days out of 365 in 2019. And perhaps fresher in the memory, February 2020 was one of the rainiest months in the past decade, as 209.1mm of rain soaked the country over 29 days.

All this is to say, you could probably do with a pair of waterproof boots. Using a variety of waterproof materials, designs and treatments, this type of boot is the ideal footwear for keeping water out, in all but the most extreme weather.

It is far preferable to have dry feet than wet, that we often don’t talk about why keeping our feet dry really matters. Damp socks and feet can lead to bad odours, and they provide an ideal environment for conditions such as blisters and athlete’s foot to develop. On a more basic level, it’s just a bit uncomfortable having soggy socks.

There are three ways a boot can keep your feet dry: with waterproof design features including bonded seams, waterproof materials like Gore-Tex and OutDry, and waterproof treatments such as oiling. The boots with the best capabilities tend to be equipped with at least two of these defences.  

Thankfully, there’s no reason to get your toes in a twist, as good-quality waterproof boots are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and prices. We tested a representative sample, including 10 of the best waterproof boots for everyday use, to help you pick the perfect pair.  

When testing, we deemed a really good pair as those that were not only waterproof, but also comfortable, supportive, durable and stylish.  

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The Original Muck Boot Company mens foreman boot

These boots performed brilliantly over a lengthy review period, during which they were subjected to all sorts of weather – from cold and wet days to warm, dry ones. We were extremely impressed with the boot’s capability to keep our feet dry and even on very rainy days, very little moisture got through. For the best performance, lace your boots up tight and tuck them into your trouser legs. The waterproof capabilities stem in-part from an oiling treatment which has been applied to the leather. It certainly seems to have done the trick.

Columbia sh/ft outdry boot

These hover provocatively in the liminal space between boot and trainer, and we reckon it looks pretty swish. This was the most comfortable boot we tested, with lovely, soft inners and excellent temperature regulation. You could just as easily wear it on a day hike as you could around town. Every detail feels well realised – from the suede pieces on the upper to the boot’s grippy rubber soles. In terms of waterproofing, they performed very well, courtesy of its one-piece construction.

Sorel madson 6 boot waterproof

Waterproof boots don’t come much more elegant than this. They have a relatively narrow profile that makes for a great fit for people with slender feet (your humble boot reviewer included). The classic design and tobacco colourway look great with autumnal colours – try pairing them with mustard or brown cords, if you’re blessed with the requisite legwear. Far more than just a pretty face, these also do a great job of excluding water, with waterproof seams and full grain leather uppers that seem more than a match for most showers. The uppers on these boots are relatively lightweight – perfect for seeing you through autumn and winter, and into spring.

Converse Chuck Taylor all star gore-tex winter waterproof high top

It’s our firm belief that there’s a space for a pair of Converse on everyone’s shoe rack. This Gore-Tex lined option is perfectly made for winter, with a snug faux fair lining and excellent waterproof performance. The boot’s style is a quintessential high-top Converse. There are two colourways on offer – the taupe, white and black option pictured here, and a more muted black and white variant that goes great with black skinny jeans. It is a suitable boot for all sorts of situations – from days and nights out to wearing to the workplace (provided the dress code is sufficiently casual).

Clarks Ronnie up gore-tex black leather

This is a real best-of-both-worlds boot, combining a premium black leather outer with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. The smart style wouldn’t look out of place at a meeting or out for dinner, and the boot’s waterproofing is very good. Unlike some of the other boots featured here, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for long walks, for the simple reason that you probably wouldn’t want to get it messed up. You can’t see this in the product photos, but beneath the sleek, leather outer of the boot is a luxuriously soft, sheepskin lining.

Merrell wilderness legend

This is a retro hiker boot made to the very best standards – it really is a thing of beauty. Super comfortable and great at keeping water out, this boot gives you everything you can ask for from a waterproof boot in practical terms. Rain just runs off the leather outers, and the tongue minimises the potential of water getting in at the top of the boot. But where this boot really excels is in its style thanks to its classic cut and attractive combination of oxblood leather with bright, blue laces. 

Stutterheim Chelsea rainwalker wellington boots

A hybrid of a Chelsea boot and a wellington from Swedish brand Stutterheim offers a rare combination of novelty and practicality. The 100 per cent rubber outers repel rainwater fantastically well, while their Chelsea boot cut makes them far better suited to day-to-day wear than regular wellies are. As well as wearing these out and about, our reviewer found them extremely useful for slipping on to do odd jobs around the garden. It only takes a second or two to get them on your feet. The cotton lining is nice and comfy, but do bear in mind that as these are rubber wellies, they are best worn with warm, thick socks.

Timberland men’s 6 inch premium waterproof boots

Built to high standards and seldom out of style, Timberland’s premium waterproof boots are an ideal option to keep your feet dry throughout the seasons. They’re a great all-rounder: cosy without being overbearingly warm, and casual without being dressed down. The waterproofness comes courtesy of its sealed seams and naturally water-resistant leather outers. These also come in black, so you shouldn’t necessarily be put off if the wheat variant shown here isn’t quite right for you.

Levis Owens waterproof hiker in black

This hiker from Levis offers a totally different style to most of the other waterproof boots on the market. We’re big fans of the red accents, and the speckled sides of the outer sole. These go to great lengths to keep your feet dry thanks to the inner being lined with waterproof neoprene. The boot’s adjustable elastic lacing makes it easy to secure a really tight, secure fit around the top. We found these boots to be nice and snug – perfect for winter temperatures. They’d look great with a pair of grey 501s.

Ugg freamon waterproof chukka

Not all Ugg boots look like Ugg boots. Take the freamon waterproof chukka, for example. This understated boot offers a decent level of waterproofness, by means of its sealed seams and waterproof suede and nubuck leather construction. The tops of the boots are a little more open than some, so don’t expect them to be completely impervious to rain. Nonetheless, they do a good job in moderately rainy conditions. There are some lovely details to this boot, including yellow-and-white stitching on the heel tab. 

The verdict: Men’s everyday waterproof boots

Thanks to its exceptional combination of versatile style, very good waterproof performance, comfort and robustness, we’re naming The Original Muck Boot Company’s foreman boot our IndyBest Buy. They’ve served our reviewer well through all sorts of weather, with minimal upkeep needed.

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