Surveillance footage shows woman allegedly tossing newborn baby into dumpster

Surveillance footage shows woman allegedly tossing newborn baby into dumpster
Alexis Avila, 18, is charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse for allegedly hurling her son into dumpster, 警察と言う

Disturbing surveillance footage has captured the moment a woman allegedly tossed her newborn baby alive into a dumpster in New Mexico.

The video shows a car pulling up next to an industrial dumpster in a parking lot in Hobbs, ニューメキシコ, at around 2pm on 7 1月.

女性, identified by police as 18-year-old Alexis Avila, is seen stepping out of the drivers’ seat, opening the back door and taking a black trash bag from the backseat.

She then uses two hands to hurl the package into the dumpster before getting back in the vehicle and driving away from the scene.

The newborn baby was miraculously found alive around six hours hours later by three people.

Footage shows the three people standing by a truck and looking through the dumpster before one of them pulls out a black trash bag and opens it.

One of the other people is seen quickly unraveling the bag and pulling out the baby.

She cradles the infant in her arms and gets inside the truck while one of the other people is seen on the phone.

Multiple flashing law enforcement vehicles are seen arriving on the scene minutes later.

Hobbs Police Department said officers were called to the 1400 block of N Thorp in Hobbs at around 8pm on 7 January to a report of a newborn baby being found in a dumpster.

The infant was given medical aid at the scene and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

子供, whose gender was not revealed, is in a stable condition, 警察は言った.

Alexis Avila is pictured in her booking photo after being arrested for attempted murder and child abuse

Ms Avila was arrested and charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse.

Police said she confessed to the giving birth to the child at another location and then placing the baby in the dumpster.

Authorities tracked her down after reviewing the footage captured on a nearby store Rig Outfitters and Home Store, owned by Joe Imbriale.

Mr Imbriale told KOB4 he was contacted by police on Friday night asking to view his surveillance footage.

He said he knew something wasn’t right from the expressions on their faces and said he was in “shock” to learn what had happened.

Something wasn’t right, I saw the officers’ faces, and they did not look right. They really didn’t,” he told the local outlet.

“I said ‘what is it we are looking for’ and she goes ‘we’re looking for somebody who dumped a black garbage bag in your dumpster.’

“I turned around, I said ‘please don’t tell me it was a baby.’”

Mr Imbriale said he has “no words” for the “evil” actions: “I can’t sleep at night just knowing that this baby was just tossed in a dumpster like that. I’m sorry but who does that? That is evil. I don’t have words for it," 彼は言った.

Ms Avila is due to appear in Lea County District Court for her arraignment on Monday.