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2 suspects arrested after Bulgari jewelry heist in Paris

2 suspects arrested after Bulgari jewelry heist in Paris
Police in Paris have arrested two suspects following a Bulgari jewelry heist on the posh Place Vendome

Polisie in Paris arrested two suspects after a Bulgari jewelry heist Tuesday on the posh Place Vendome. One of the suspects was shot in the leg by a officer before being arrested.

The Place Vendome is one of Parisand Europe’smost expensive and luxurious shopping areas, a base for prestigious establishments such as the Ritz hotel, Cartier Rolex Chanel jewelry, as well as the Ministry of Justice. In its center sits the celebrated Column of Vendôme.

Police told the Associated Press that they were alerted to the robbery around noon. Officers gave chase to a car with three suspects inside after seizing two scooters believed to have also used in the crime. The car was later found abandoned.

It’s unclear what the robbers were able to takeif anythingfrom the designer jewelry shop.

Police detained one of the suspects in the parking lot of the Les Halles shopping center in central Paris. Police are still searching for the third suspect and an investigation has been launched.