Suspicious package found near building where Jan 6 committee is meeting

Suspicious package found near building where Jan 6 committee is meeting
The package was reportedly an unattended backpack left on top of a walker near the a House office building

Capitol police have issued an all-clear after a “suspicious package” was found in the House building where the January 6 committee was meeting to investigate the events of the Capitol riot.

The package was reportedly located outside the northwest door of the Cannon House Office Building. All of the staff and visitors to the area were advised to stay clear of the area.

The incident did not affect the House select committee hearing, which continued on Tuesday.

Police also reportedly shut down Independence Avenue between Second Street and Washington Avenue due to the incident, though those corridors have been reopened.

According to Business Insider, the Capitol police have not yet identified what was inside the suspicious package.

A Fox News producer, Kelly Phares, tweeted that the package appeared to be an unattended backpack sitting on top of a walker outside of the House office building.

“My crew and I were outside the entrance to the Cannon office building to get arrivals and departures of 1/6 cmte witnesses and have now been moved more than 2 blocks away,” Ms Phares wrote in the tweet.

The committee reconvened on Tuesday, during which members presented evidence for their claims that former President Donald Trump was involved in a scheme to use “alternative electors” to replace the official electors. He hoped that those electors would cast votes contrary to the voters they represented to hand him a victory in the 2020 election.

Mr Trump’s top officials and former aides were also reportedly shocked to learn Tuesday that the committee had subpoenaed the raw footage shot by a British documentary filmmaker who had “extensive” access to Mr Trump, his campaign, and his family in the months leading up to the Capitol riot and its immediate aftermath.

According to several top aides speaking to numerous publications on Tuesday, they had no idea the documentary was being produced.

The filmmaker, Alex Holder, said he intended to cooperate fully with the committee and had already handed over the footage they requested. He said the documentary, titled Unprecedented, was purchased by a major streaming network and was intended for release as a three-part series later this summer.