Sylvester Stallone accused of using fake weights in viral workout clip

Sylvester Stallone accused of using fake weights in viral workout clip
Fitness YouTuber Scott Herman calls the clip a ‘publicity stunt’

Sylvester Stallone has been accused of using fake weights in an Instagram workout clip that has now been viewed five million times.

In the original clip, which Stallone uploaded on 7 June, the Rocky star can be seen grunting and groaning as he apparently completes a “front raise” while holding a 45lb (20kg) weight in each hand.

However, several fitness YouTubers have raised doubts about whether the weights Stallone is holding are genuine. In one clip, YouTuber Simon Miller says that at first glance he assumed Stallone “was just having a little bit of a joke– he’s making really weird noises and it was like no lift I’ve ever seen before.”

He adds: “There’s every chance it’s not meant to be taken seriously.”

In another clip, YouTuber Scott Herman suggests that Stallone’s video may have been intended as a “publicity stunt”.

After setting out all the reasons he believes the weights to be fake – including the way Stallone holds them and the lack of wear and tear around their centres – Herman says he can understand why the actor would still put the video out. “People do stuff like this all the time,” he argues, adding later: “The man knows what he’s doing, which is why he’s one of the most successful actors there’s ever been. I think it’s a publicity stunt.”

Judge for yourself by watching the clip below: