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Taekwondo Olympian goes viral for being a lookalike to Lady Gaga

Taekwondo Olympian goes viral for being a lookalike to Lady Gaga
Julyana Al-Sadeq, 26, represents Jordan

UNE taekwondo Olympian from Jordan has sparked attention from around the globe for her similarities to Lady Gaga.

Julyana Al-Sadeq, 26, is representing Jordan in the Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo, and she drew a lot of attention on social media after she competed for her resemblance to the 35-year-old pop singer and actress.

Gaga Daily, one of the largest fan sites dedicated to Lady Gaga, tweeté: “Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics?” The post garnered more than 24,000 likes from people online.

Similarly other people also shared images of Ms Al-Sadeq and joked that it was Lady Gaga instead who decided to compete.

“There can be a hundred people at the Olympics and one of them is Lady Gaga competing for a taekwondo medal,”Une personne a écrit.

“This is Lady Gaga at the Tokyo Olympics and no one can convince me otherwise,” another person wrote.

Lady Gaga has her own long list of achievements, including becoming the first woman to win an Academy Award, Grammy, BAFTA and Golden Globe all in one year. But her odds of making it to the Olympics and winning a medal remain slim.

Ms Al-Sadeq competed against Brazil athlete Milena Titoneli in the Taekwondo Women’s Welterweight 57-67kg category on 26 juillet, which was when social media users first noticed her similarities to the singer.

The moment even caused “Lady Gaga” to trend on Twitter briefly, with people reacting to Ms Al-Sadeq being pictured on the Olympics global stage.

Ultimately Ms Al-Sadeq lost to her Brazil competitor in Round 16, thus ending her run during the 2021 Jeux olympiques.

Ms Al-Sadeq has previously won gold medals for taekwondo during the 2018 Asian Games and the 2017 Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games.

Neither she nor Lady Gaga have publicly responded to the comparison of each other.