Tyron Woodley reveals ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo in pursuit of rematch

Tyron Woodley reveals ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo in pursuit of rematch
Jake Paul has said he will post his response in a video later on Tuesday

Tyron Woodley has confirmed he has fulfilled his rematch bet with Jake Paul after getting a “I love Jack Paul” tattoo on his middle finger.

Woodley was defeated by Paul following a split decision in August, with the former UFC champion immediately demanding a rematch in Cleveland.

YouTube star turned professional boxer Paul agreed to a rematch on the condition that Woodley got the tattoo.

The 39-year-old shook hands on the terms and has now revealed the tattoo on Twitter, along with a message to Paul which said: “What’s your excuse again?」

Paul had previously said he was “over” Woodley in an interview two weeks ago, due to the fact that he had yet to follow through on the bet.

After posting a picture of the tattoo on Twitter, Woodley responded to accusations that it was fake by then publishing a video of the tattoo being inked onto his left middle finger.

In response to Woodley’s tattoo, Paul has said that he will post his reaction in a video later on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old continued his unbeaten start to his professional boxing career with his latest victory over Woodley.

Paul had named UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal and Love Island star and boxer Tommy Fury as two potential opponents if he didn’t face Woodley for a second time.