Lord of the Rings teaser reveals official name of new Amazon TV show

Lord of the Rings teaser reveals official name of new Amazon TV show
It’s set to be one of the most expensive TV shows of all time

The title of アマゾンの新しい ロード・オブ・ザ・リング series has been revealed.

The announcement came accompanied with a clip for the expensive series, which will run for eight episodes when it arrives this September.

The new series is officially titled ロード・オブ・ザ・リング: The Rings of Power.

Production on Amazon Studios’ eight-part series began in New Zealand last year, but is said to have wrapped filming in December.

Amazon bought the television rights for ロード・オブ・ザ・リング for $250m (£183m) 十一月に 2017.

シリーズ, which is expected to last for five seasons, stars Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Joseph Mawle, Lenny Henry, Peter Mullan and Saint Maud star Morfydd Clark.

Upon the release of the first image from the show, many fans wondered if elements of JRR Tolkien’s posthumous release シルマリリオン had been adapted.

A new trailer reveals official name of Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV show

これは。。。でした due to the inclusion of the Trees of Valinor. In Tolkien’s books, the remainder of these trees’ light is caught in three jewels, which are referred to as Silmarils. これらの宝石はの焦点です シルマリリオン.

結果として, Lord of the Rings fans predicted the show would be set in the First Age of Middle Earth and not the Second Age, as had been reported.

ロード・オブ・ザ・リング: The Rings of Power 9月にAmazonプライムビデオに到着します 2022.