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New bombshells to enter Love Island villa after Teddy and Faye row

New bombshells to enter Love Island villa after Teddy and Faye row
Priya and Aaron are the next contestants to join the reality show

Ilha do amor is welcoming two new bombshells in tonight’s episode (8 agosto).

Priya Gopaldas and Aaron Simpson are arriving in the villa in the wake of Faye Winter and Teddy Soares’s falling out.

Footballer Aaron, 24, already has his eye on Chloe Burrows and Mary Bedford.

Priya, a 23-year-old medical student from London, is interested in Teddy, Matthew MacNabb and Dale Mehmet.

The two new arrivals come after a major row between Faye and Teddy, which erupted after islanders were shown clips of moments they hadn’t seen of their partners. Ilha do amor bosses have been widely criticised for using the manipulative tactic for entertainment.

Dentro O Independente’s review of Friday night’s episode (6 agosto), Elise Bell wrote: “After much attention has been paid to contestant aftercare, the constant fanfare of #BeKind ringing dully in our ears, it felt strange that this challenge had been allowed to air.”

Priya and Aaron

Ela adicionou: “This is, depois de tudo, a show that supposedly no longer broadcasts the classic Headline game or Kiss Contest for fears over mental health impact. But even if we blame the producers, it doesn’t stop the fact that we’re all in some way culpable. In our tweets about the show, the column inches we provide, are we also feeding the beast, allowing the machine to churn and for people to get hurt in the process?”

Ilha do amor continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.