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Mayor arrested for allegedly hitting teenager in argument about dirt bike

Mayor arrested for allegedly hitting teenager in argument about dirt bike
The mayor was released on a $3,000 bond following incident

UNE Mississippi mayor was arrested for allegedly hitting a teenager during an argument about a dirt bike.

Mayor Chris Lindley of Booneville, Mississippi, was arrested on Tuesday over the alleged assault, which reportedly occurred earlier in April.

Prentiss County Sheriff Randy Tolar told WLBT that Mr Lindley was booked on a misdemeanor charge of simple assault of a minor. He was allowed release on a $3,000 lier.

The sheriff todl the station that a justice court judge had signed off on a warrant for the mayor’s arrest.

The police report documenting the arrest claims that a teenage boy rode his dirt bike to a football practice at a park on 11 avril. He then let a friend ride the bike along the park’s fence line.

When the bike was parked, the mayor allegedly approached the boys and puthis phone in everyone’s facewhile asking who owned the bike.

The teen said it was his and that he would move it, but said the mayor then pushed him over.

The report claims that the mayor then jumped on the bike but fell over. After falling over, the mayor got up and allegedly hit the teen in the back of the head three times.

He then reportedly told the teen that the police were on the way before walking away.

A sheriff’s deputy showed up to the scene and said that Mr Lindley did call the police about the dirt bike, but tried to call them off before they arrived.

A prosecutor and two justice court judges have reportedly recused themselves from the investigation.

If the case goes to trial, Mr Tolar said the legal process would likely be drawn out due to the need for a new prosecutor and judge to be chosen.

He said that in similar situations judges and prosecutors from other jurisdictions are often called in to work the case.