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Facebook has ‘fallen sharply’ in popularity among teens, Pew Research Centre says

Facebook has ‘fallen sharply’ in popularity among teens, Pew Research Centre says
Report suggests Twitter has also seen decrease in usage among American teens

The share of americano teenagers between the ages of 13 para 17 who say they use o Facebook has “fallen sharply” from 71 por cento em 2014-15 para 32 por cento em 2022, the Pew Research Centre reported on Wednesday based on surveys conducted during the two periods.

Tik Tok’s popularity has risen meteorically during this period, according to the Washington-based American think tank. Algum 67 per cent of teen respondents in the latest survey said they use it, e 16 per cent of all adolescentes saying they use the Chinese video hosting platform “almost constantly.”

Researchers say the latest analysis is based on a self-administered web survey conducted from 14 April to 4 Maio 2022 that included a sample of 1,316 pairs of individuals, each comprising one US teen, and one parent per teen.

A growing share of teens, according to the analysis, are using Instagram and Snapchat since the 2014-15 Uma pesquisa realizada no ano passado mostrou que, with a declining number of respondents saying they were using Twitter and Tumblr.

YouTube topped the 2022 teen online landscape in the new survey with 95 per cent of the teen respondents reportedly using the platform.

Nearly three-quarters of teens in the survey said they visited YouTube at least daily, Incluindo 19 per cent who reported using the site or app “almost constantly.”

Tik Tok was next in line in the list, followed by Instagram and Snapchat, both reportedly used by about six-in-ten teens.

“Although today’s teens do not use Facebook as extensively as teens in previous years, the platform still enjoys widespread usage among adults,”O relatório adicionou.

Other than Facebook, the report suggests Twitter has also seen a decrease in usage among American teens since 2014-15 com 23 per cent of teens now saying they ever use the microblogging platform, compared with a third of the respondents in the earlier survey.

The analysis also found demographic differences in mídia social choices among teens.

Citing an example, Pew reported that teen boys are more likely to say they use YouTube, Twitch and Reddit than teen girls, who were likelier to use TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

A third of the respondents said they spend too much time on social media.

The survey also suggests that a majority of teens have access to digital devices like smartphones (95 por cento), and desktop or laptop computers (90 por cento) with an uptick in daily teen internet users from 92 por cento em 2014-15 para 97 por cento em 2022.