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Woman shares terrifying moment stranger reportedly tried to break-in her home

Woman shares terrifying moment stranger reportedly tried to break-in her home
‘As someone who owns one of those door locks, this is my worst fear,’Skrev en seer

A woman has shared a video of the moment a stranger reportedly attempted to gain access into her home, while questioning why kvinner can’t “live in peace”.

Alena, who lives in Seoul, Sør-Korea, and goes by the username @0804hae on TikTok, uploaded a clip of the alleged encounter to TikTok this week, in which she can be seen listening as someone reportedly attempts random passwords on her door lock.

“Someone trying out random passwords on my door lock,” Alena captioned the video, which sees her sitting in her home as beeping noises, such as those made when numbers are entered into a keypad, can be heard.

I bildeteksten, hun skrev: “Can women live in peace please wtf.”

Per tirsdag, the TikTok, which has been viewed more than 3.2m times, has prompted thousands of viewers to share their concern and advice for handling the situation.

“That’s scary. Make sure you wipe the keypad so your prints don’t show, and stay safe…” one person wrote, legge til: “Maybe call the police and show them this. I’m sorry.”

Another person said: “Put a manual lock on the inside of the door so if somebody guesses the password, they can’t open the door directly.”

Someone else revealed that they changed their lock code to an eight-digit number after experiencing a similar encounter, while another viewer suggested Alena place a pair of men’s shoes outside of her apartment to make it look like she doesn’t live alone.

The video also prompted one viewer to question why Alena didn’t confront the person at her door, to which she replied: “What am I supposed to do? Run to the door, open, and beat the person up?”

“We really aren’t safe anywhere, are we,” another viewer wrote.

In the comments, Alena revealed that, after the incident, which took place around lunchtime, she contacted her building’s owner and requested the CCTV footage.

“Update: He didn’t get the password right so I’m fine," hun skrev. “I will call the building owner for CCTV and update y’all.”

The video comes after another TikTok user shared the steps she took to stage her apartment to appear as if she had a live-in boyfriend before meeting a stranger.

I klippet, shared in November by a woman who goes by the username @sulken, she could be seen making multiple adjustments to her home for her safety, which included placing a pair of men’s shoes in her front hallway, and setting up an iPad to play a video titled: “Boyfriend roleplay deep voice jealous boyfriend” from her bedroom.

“I have a stranger (male) coming over with a coffee table from Facebook Marketplace so I need to look like I don’t live alone,” she captioned the video, prompting one viewer to write: “The fact that we have to think about this as women is so scary and sad.”

Den uavhengige has contacted Alena for comment.