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Sturgeon tells Scots to get tested before socialising – live

Sturgeon tells Scots to get tested before socialising – live
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Nicola Sturgeon has urged the Scottish public to use Covid lateral flow tests before socialising and shopping in crowded places, at the same time as setting out how Scotland will expand vaccine passports for a further three weeks.

Making the request, the first minister minister pleaded with Scots that on “any occasion that you are socialising with others”, including for drinks, dinners, and shopping, “please take a test before you go”.

She also confirmed the vaccine passport scheme was to be kept in place into December, but crucially said it would not be extended to more venues including theatres, cinemas and other hospitality venues.

Enquanto isso, people will be urged to work from home in Northern Ireland as part of strengthened Covid measures.

Current Stormont advice for businesses is to be changed to encourage employers to support those staff who can work from home to do so. Ministers met on Tuesday morning to sign off on a range of recommendations.


Germany considers new Covid curbs and compulsory vaccines

Germany should impose further restrictions to try to stop a fourth wave of coronavirus infections, outgoing Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Tuesday as more politicians backed the idea of compulsory vaccinations, reports Reuters.

The surge in infections comes at a difficult time as Chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to hand over to a new government after a national election in September.

The leaders of the Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and Free Democrats, who are trying to form a new coalition, were due to break off their talks on Tuesday to meet Ms Merkel to discuss the pandemic, sources close to the negotiations told Reuters.

The three parties are in the final stages of clinching a coalition agreement and hope to present the deal on Wednesday, one source close to the talks said.

But it is the German regions, rather than the federal government, that have most of the powers to impose restrictions to rein in the pandemic.

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 16:16

42,484 new cases and 165 deaths new deaths reported on Tuesday

Tuesday’s Covid showed there were 42,484 new cases and 165 deaths within 28 days of a positive test reported across the UK.

It is the sixth day in a row that the number of Covid cases has risen by above 40,000.

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 16:05

NHS scheme to reduce hospital pressures ‘stalled’ over lack of beds and staff

A flagship NHS scheme to reduce pressure on hospitals has “stalled” due to a lack of beds and staff shortages, O Independente pode revelar.

Hospital wards designed to treat NHS patients within one day are instead being “inappropriately” used as “overflow” areas for busy A&Es, according to research by the Society for Acute Medicine.

These wards, called “same day emergency care units”, were rolled out to all NHS trusts before the pandemic, to help reduce hospital admissions. NHS England promised in 2019 the scheme, once implemented in all trusts, would reduce admissions in English hospitals by 50,000 um ano.

Read the full exclusive by Rebecca Thomas here:

NHS scheme to reduce hospital pressures ‘stalled’ over lack of beds

Exclusivo: ‘Vital’ service aimed at reducing hospital admissions is being used as ‘overflow’ for under-pressure A&Es

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 16:01

Scots urged to test themselves more regularly over festive period

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has asked that lateral flow tests are taken before every social occasion in the coming months.

Updating MSPs on Tuesday, ela disse: “Over the festive period, we are asking for extra effortand so this next request is vitally important.

“On any occasion that you are socialising with otherswhether that is going out for drinks or dinner, visiting someone at home, or even going shopping somewhere that might be crowdedplease take a test before you go.

“And if it is positive, do not go. Instead get a PCR test and self-isolate while you wait for the result.

“This way, you are minimising the risk of inadvertently passing the virus on even if you don’t have symptoms.”

Here is the story:

Nicola Sturgeon urges Scots to take Covid test before ‘any social occasion’

Scottish first minister also announces government will not extend Covid passport scheme to other venues

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 15:42

Northern Ireland executive ‘united’ in new Covid restrictions

Northern Ireland’s first minister, Paul Givan, has said the country’s executive was “very much united” in asking the public to play its part in trying to curb the spread of Covid-19, including asking people to work from home.

Speaking to the media following an executive meeting where reinforced Covid measures were agreed, Mr Givan said they had considered a number of papers from Health Minister Robin Swann.

Ele disse: “We are all very much united in asking the public to play its part along with us as politicians, that we can take every effort to try and minimise the transmission rate of the coronavirus.

“So we appeal again to redouble our efforts when it comes to trying to minimise some of those contacts, whenever it comes to having good ventilation, where you are meeting indoors try to meet outdoors more often.

“And we are emphasising that need to work from home where you can and for employers to support that.

“We recognise that in some circumstances that isn’t possible and practically people do need to be in their workplace.”

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 15:25

Dutch infection numbers hit new weekly record

Dutch coronavirus infection numbers hit a new weekly record on Tuesday, escalando 39 per cent while hospital and intensive care unit admissions also rose sharply, the country’s public health institute has reported.

The latest report on a surge in Covid-19 cases came a day after the Dutch government introduced legislation to parliament that would clear the way to restrict access for unvaccinated people to venues such as bars, restaurants and museums if infections keep rising.

The legislation would limit the country’s Covid-19 pass system to people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from a coronavirus infection. It would mean that people could no longer get the pass with negative tests.

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 15:12

Second lab owned by scandal-hit testing company facing allegations of misconduct

A second private Covid testing laboratory run by a scandal-hit company which has received millions from the government is facing calls to be investigated over numerous allegations of wrongdoing.

It is feared that incorrect Covid test results have been sent out to the public from the lab, run by the diagnostics firm Immensa, com pessoal allegedly forced to operate faulty machines without proper protective equipment, risking cross-contamination and spoiled samples.

New recruits at the lab, located in Loughborough, were never given formal training and Covid sample waste was not disposed of correctly, whistleblowers have told O Independente.

Here is Samuel Lovett’s exclusive story:

Second lab owned by scandal-hit testing company facing allegations of misconduct

Exclusivo: NHS tests have reportedly been processed at the site, where staff were forced to operate faulty machines and given improper protective equipment. Experts have called for the lab to be investigated

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 14:55

Vaccine passports to be extended for at least another 3 semanas

Nicola Sturgeon has said that Scotland’s vaccine passport scheme will be extended for another three weeks at least, although she said that other venues such as cinemas and theatres would not be required to check for proof of vaccination.

She told MSP: “For at least another three week period, we will retain vaccine certification for the venues and events currently covered by the scheme.

“Given the current state of the pandemic, it is our judgement that it would not be appropriate at this stage to remove this protection against transmission.”

However Ms Sturgeon said that from 6 dezembro, people can access those venues using either proof of a vaccine or a recent negative lateral flow test.

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 14:42

Sturgeon to retain Covid rules as situation remains ‘precarious’

Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland will keep its Covid restrictions on masks and vaccine proof in place.

The first minister said the “situation is definitely more positive than we might have expected it to be at this point but it is still precarious”.

She said the priority was to bring the R number down below 1.

Unveiling a “range of proportionate protections”, she said Scotland would “retain for a further period requirement for face coverings and keep in place the Covid certification scheme”.

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 14:30

Sturgeon to unveil vaccine passport plan

Nicola Sturgeon is to set out any further expansion of vaccine passports in Scotland during a scheduled coronavirus briefing.

The first minister will make an announcement on potential changes to Covid-19 restrictions in the Scottish Parliament shortly after 2pm on Tuesday.

Vaccine passports came into effect in October and currently require nightclubs and large venues to only allow entry to people who can show they have been double jabbed.

Ms Sturgeon will confirm whether the scheme is being extended to more venues including theatres, cinemas and other hospitality venues.

Any changes to current Covid-19 restrictions are said to come into force from 6 December onwards.

Tom Batchelor23 novembro 2021 14:23