Kellyanne Conway reveals Ivanka shared marriage therapist numbers

Kellyanne Conway reveals Ivanka shared marriage therapist numbers
George Conway is vocal critic of Donald Trump and backed Joe Biden in 2020 election

Kellyanne Conway has revealed that Ivanka Trump gave her the numbers of marriage therapists as her husband attacked and insulted her boss Donald Trump on Twitter.

The one-term president’s 2016 campaign manager and White House adviser opens up about her marital woes in her new book in which she also writes that former first lady Melania Trump was supportive of her during difficult periods.

Ms Conway says that Ivanka offered her help and “empathy” as George Conway publicly derided Mr Trump on the social media platform.

“A week after that conversation, and based on my stated openness to the idea, Ivanka came into my office (which was next to hers) and handed me a Post-it note. It had the names of two local doctors who specialized in couples therapy,” writes Ms Conway in her memoir Here’s The Deal.

“I noticed she had avoided putting that in a text or an email. I appreciated the information and her thoughtfulness and wanted to pursue it.

“After I showed George the names, he rejected one and said a half-hearted “okay” to the other while looking at his phone. We never went.

“He spent his time exactly how he wanted to. If it was important to him, he would have made it happen. Ivanka and I certainly had one thing in common now: Both Jared and George were often referred to as ‘husband of . . .’”

Ms Conway also writes in the book about Melania Trump coming to her defence after Mr Trump ripper her “nasty” husband for a comment he had made.

“Melania’s calm voice piped in immediately as my mouth closed and my eyes widened. ‘Donald,’ she said, ‘this is not her fault. And she is a big girl. Strong and confident.’

“Melania wasn’t done. ‘We don’t control our husbands — and you don’t control us!’ Trump couldn’t argue with that. I didn’t ask for any of this.

“I felt awkward and embarrassed that the president of the United States and the First Lady had to spend even a minute on this and yet felt relieved and protected from what was becoming an armful of harmful.”