No frozen toes on our watch! These are our top cycling overshoes

No frozen toes on our watch! These are our top cycling overshoes
For comfy cycling in grim winter weather, cover your feet with overshoes from Sports Direct, Shimano and Rapha

If you’ve never tried overshoes on a damp and chilly bike ride, あなたは御馳走を求めています. Getting cold and wet feet can take all the fun out of a Sunday spin in bad weather, but modern fabrics and coatings do a great job of keeping out the wind and rain.

With overshoes to protect them, you can even wear your white cycling shoes throughout the winter. As well as keeping your toes toasty, they will help to protect your expensive footwear from muck, salt and grime thrown up from the road.

We’ve tried out an amazing selection – from totally waterproof versions aimed at professional riders who have to train in all weathers, through to eye-catching hi-vis ones that will help keep you seen and safe.


We tested our selection on rainy and cold winter rides, assessing how warm and dry they kept us, how easy they were to take on and off and how comfortable they were in use.

We rode a variety of bikes while wearing them – from top-of-the-range racing machines through to the hybrids and folding models we use for shopping and commuting.


The best cycling overshoes for 2022 です:

  • 全体的に最高 – Shimano road thermal shoe covers: £49.99,
  • Best for winter training – Spatzwear roadman 3: £89.99,
  • Best for racers – Le Col winter overshoes: £70,
  • Best for adjustability – Altura nightvision waterproof: £30,
  • Best for drier days – Lusso windtex thermal overboots: £35,
  • Best for everyday shoes – Showers Pass club: £30,
  • Best for looks – Rapha wet weather: £45,
  • Best for minimalists – Pearl Izumi toe covers: £19.99,
  • Best for breathability – Giro xnetic H2O: £59.99,
  • お買い得 – Pinnacle overshoes: £20,
  • Best for visibility – Proviz reflect 360: £44.99,

Shimano road thermal shoe covers

ベスト: 全体

評価: 10/10

We’re big fans of Shimano’s cycling shoes and it’s great to see they make equally good overshoes. The 3mm neoprene fabric is coated with a waterproof layer and did a great job of keeping us warm and dry. They slide on over your shoes and fasten with a zipper and Velcro, making them feel super secure. They feel rugged and have a reinforced toe area that should mean they last a good few winters. With reflective details on the heel, they’ll keep you visible in the dark too. We tested the understated black pair but if you want to be extra visible there’s a fluorescent option too.

Spatzwear roadman 3

ベスト: For winter training

評価: 10/10

If you’re planning on riding right through the harsh winter weather, there’s no better choice than this pair from Spatzwear. The almost knee-length cut means they seal out the elements and keep your legs toasty warm along with your feet. They’re easy enough to put on too: just pull them on before you put on your shoes, then roll them back over your footwear and fasten the velcro under the sole. They’re perfect for training or commuting in bad weather – they’re waterproof and the shin area has a thermal lining to keep the cold at bay. Reflective and fluorescent chevrons help improve your visibility in traffic, and the toe box and heel areas have been reinforced with abrasion-resistant material. 彼らは高価です, but will let you ride on through the very worst winter can throw at you.

Le Col winter overshoes

ベスト: For racers

評価: 8/10

This neoprene pair is perfect for cold and wet-weather riding. They’re easy to slip on over your shoe cleats and the chunky zip is easy to use even with winter gloves on – it also locks into place so it doesn’t unzip as you ride. The fabric is waterproof and insulating, and the silicone grippers on the legs do a good job of keeping out trickles of rain and spray. There’s reinforcement at the heels and toes to stop you from wearing them through while walking. We like the stealthy black styling, but Le Col has added some reflective detailing along the zip and on the branding to keep you seen.

Altura nightvision waterproof

ベスト: 調整可能

評価: 7/10

This pair was designed with commuters in mind. With wide cleat cutouts on the soles, you can wear them with a wide range of road and mountain bike shoes or even trainers. Velcro closures on the soles and at the backs mean they’re easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. Altura has included lots of reflective detailing, and there’s chunky reinforcement on the toes. They’re available in both black and fluorescent yellow and are excellent value.

Lusso windtex thermal overboots

ベスト: For drier days

評価: 8/10

This pair from Manchester brand Lusso is windproof and water resistant. Sliding on over your shoes and fastening with a quality zipper, they’re close fitting and feel secure while you ride. The heels and toes are reinforced and, if you’re going to be out in the dark, there’s a reflective strip along the zips to keep you visible. The orange pair we tested really brightened up dull winter days and they look super smart when paired with an orange jacket or gilet.

Showers Pass club

ベスト: For everyday shoes

評価: 7/10

Showers Pass make some amazing foul-weather kit. Made from waterproof nylon, this pair will keep your feet dry even in the heaviest deluges. They’re easy to slide over your shoes, fasten with a waterproof zip and boast reflective elements. Velcro straps let you tighten them to your leg to stop them from flapping. Most cycling overshoes are made to work with racing-style clipless pedals and shoes, so it’s great to find a pair you can wear with trainers or other ordinary footwear.

Rapha wet weather

ベスト: ルックスについて

評価: 8/10

We love the look of this stylish pair. Made from stretchy polyurethane fabric, they’re waterproof but have no bulky extra insulation. With no zips, you have to undo the Velcro sole fastenings and put them on before donning your shoes and pulling them down over your footwear. There’s a thick silicone gripper to grip the leg and seal out the rain. Our attention-grabbing pink pair were amazingly bright in the daylight and they have a thick reflective strip at the back for nighttime jaunts.

Pearl Izumi toe covers

ベスト: For minimalists

評価: 8/10

If your feet get too hot with normal overshoes, or you’re not planning to ride through the depths of winter, you’ll like these toe covers from American brand Pearl Izumi. They slip over the ends of your cycling shoes to keep the chill and spray off your toes. They’re easy to slip on thanks to a Velcro strap and the bottom is reinforced with Kevlar to stop them tearing with abrasion. They’re perfect for spring and autumn riding and they keep enough of the cold at bay to stop your feet from getting chilly.

Giro xnetic H2O

ベスト: For breathability

評価: 8/10

This pair from the American brand are waterproof oversocks with cutouts for your cleats and heels. There are no zips, so you have to pull them on over your cycling shoes, but that’s a breeze thanks to the stretchy knitted material. They’re highly breathable so we didn’t find our feet getting sweaty, and with an internal waterproof membrane, they’re perfect for damp, winter riding. With smart, understated styling and a nice high cut that sits halfway up your calf, we think they look the business too.

Pinnacle overshoes

ベスト: 価値

評価: 7/10

Pinnacle has produced a really well-made pair we think is a great choice for commuters. They’re easy to pull on thanks to a substantial waterproof zip on the back. The neoprene is nice and thick but not restrictive and it insulated our feet brilliantly, even in foul weather. There’s lots of reflective detailing on the front and on the zip to keep you visible in the dark. The reinforced panels on the sole, heel and toe areas should stand up to plenty of commuting abuse. If you like a bargain, these are certainly worth a look.

Proviz reflect 360

ベスト: For reflectibility

評価: 8/10

This pair uses Proviz’s signature reflect 360 technology – reflective fabric constructed from millions of tiny glass beads which catch headlights and streetlights in the dark. They’re also waterproof and windproof and will keep your feet warm and dry. A Velcro fastener on the sole and a waterproof zip makes them easy to fit over your cycling shoes, and there’s a reinforced heel and toe. You can choose from four colour options to suit your style, but the bright yellow ones we tested stand out really well in daylight as well as at night.

評決: Cycling overshoes

At under £50, the thermal road shoe covers from Shimano are hard to beat. They offer excellent insulation and waterproofing while being durable, so should last a long time. If you want supreme performance and don’t mind paying a bit extra to train in all weathers, we would strongly recommend the roadman 3 from Spatzwear. And if you’re after a bargain, インクルード Pinnacle pair offers amazing value for money.


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