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These are the best early Black Friday Apple deals available now

These are the best early Black Friday Apple deals available now
We’re rounding up the best early Black Friday Apple deals across iPads, watches, AirPods, iPhones and HomePods from Currys, Svært og mer

Contenders, ready! Deal hunters, ready! The world’s biggest shopping bonanza has officially begun. With just two days to go until Svart fredag, we’re here to help you secure reductions on all your favourite bits of teknisk, skjønnhet, hvitevarer og mer.

Despite starting out as a one-day event, held the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, Black Friday has blossomed into a weekend-long discounting party and, mer nylig, a one- or even two-week-long shopping spree. Med Argos, John Lewis & Partnere, Virgin Mobile, Asda, Veldig, Amazon, Currys and AO already releasing some early Black Friday deals, soon enough we’ll probably be calling it Black November.

Følg live: De beste tidlige Black Friday-tilbudene å handle nå

Tech juggernaut eple is known for its blasé attitude to big-ticket sale events, with discounts on the latest iPhones, iPads og Apple klokker nearly impossible to find. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a deal to be had, because a number of Apple’s products were discounted last year via third-party retailers.

eple has confirmed that from 26 november til 29 november, it will be giving away Apple Store gift cards up to the value of £160 with all eligible purchases. But for discounts on Apple products themselves, third party retailers are your best bet.

We’ll be scouring all the biggest retailers throughout the entirety of Black Friday, gjelder også John Lewis & Partnere, Amazon, Argos og mer, as we search for all the best Apple deals available. For nå, we’ve put together all the best early Apple deals available to buy now, as well as all the key information you need to know ahead of the big day itself.

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The best early Apple Black Friday 2021 tilbud

Apple Watch series 6 with GPS and cellular, 44mm stainless steel: Var £ 699, now £629, Amazon.co.uk

If you’re looking to up your fitness game, og så 2020 Apple Watch series 6 with the stainless steel casing is currently on sale at Amazon. It boasts a 44mm always-on display, an ECG and blood oxygen monitor, as well as that glorious swim-proof design. This model also has both GPS and cellular, so you’ll be able to make calls, text from your wrist and get directions without having to take your iPhone out on those runs. “The series 6 has everything going for it,” our reviewer said, and it’s especially good for those “interested in wellness features.”

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Apple Watch series 6 with GPS, 44mm, aluminium: Was £409, now £279, Amazon.co.uk

In the market for a new fitness tracker? Amazon is currently offering £130 off the 2020 Apple Watch series 6 with the aluminium casing and a product red sport band. This GPS model lets you take calls, reply to texts and get directions while out and about, although you’ll still need your iPhone close by. It also has a blood oxygen sensor and an ECG monitor, and it’s got an always-on display that Apple says is 2.5 times brighter outdoors than the previous series 5.

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Apple AirPods pro with MagSafe charging case: Was £239, now £185, Johnlewis.com

Apple AirPods pro are pretty pricey but, thanks to John Lewis & Partners’s early Black Friday sale, you can snap them up for a fraction of the cost. I vår review of the earbuds, our tester said they “are a high-end pair of earphones that are difficult to find much fault in”. Retaining a similar design to the original AirPods (was £119, nå £99, Amazon.co.uk), they feature Apple’s signature glossy white finish but come with three different sized silicone eartips, so you can find the perfect fit for you. As for the noise quality, our tester added that “it’s a sound topped by few rivals,” with an impressive active noise-cancelling function that shuts out ambient noise. The AirPods pro also come with Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charging case, released in October.

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Apple AirPods max: Was £549, now £429, Amazon.co.uk

In the market for some new over-ear headphones? Apple’s AirPods max are some of the best around, especially for iPhone users. But they’re not cheap, and they’re rarely ever on saleuntil now. Amazon is currently offering a 22 per cent saving for Black Friday. Our writer praised the spatial audio feature in their review of the beste trådløse hodetelefoner: “The sound of your favourite tunes coming from all directions around your head is absolutely mind-blowing, and it will make you fall in love with your favourite songs all over again, giving you a new perspective on what you’re listening to.”

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Beats powerbeats pro: Was £219.95, now £149, Amazon.co.uk

Need an excellent pair of wireless earbuds for running? The powerbeats pros come out as the top pick for sprinters in our round-up of the best wireless earbuds. “The most comfortable true wireless running earbuds have over-ear hooks, and in this category the Beats powerbeats pros are the best workout earbuds you can buy,” our writer said in their anmeldelse. “Whether you’re rocking an iPhone or an Android, they deliver exceptional comfort and fit, decent all-round sound quality and a battery life that could outlast your latest resolution to take up running again.”

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Apple iPhone 13 pro max: Was £76 per month, now £38 per month, Three.co.uk

The all-new, all-singing, all-dancing iPhone 13 pro max is the latest high-end smartphone from Apple. It has a large 6.7in OLED screen, perfect for watching films while you’re on the go, or editing photos or videos. “The swathe of photographic improvements alone are worth upgrading for, made possible by a faster processor and better camera sensors, but there’s plenty more under the hood” as well, our tester said in our review of the handset. The iPhone’s first-ever 120Hz display is just one of them.

Three is offering the pro max at half the price for the first six months of your contract. You’ll have to pay £89 up-front for the 128GB model, but you’ll get unlimited data, texts, calls and a £100 Amazon gift card if you’re switching from a different network provider.

Kjøp nå

Apple iPhone 13 pro: Was £71 per month, now £35.50 per month, Three.co.uk

Mobile network provider Three is offering the all-new iPhone 13 pro, with its stellar camera system, at half the price for the first six months of your contract. While you do have to pay £69 up-front on the 128GB pro model, you’ll get unlimited texts, calls and access to 5G data speeds. I tillegg til, you’ll also receive a £100 gift voucher to spend at Amazon. In our review of the iPhone 13 pro, our writer said: “The swathe of photographic improvements alone are worth upgrading for, made possible by a faster processor and better camera sensors.”

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Apple iPhone 13: Was £57 per month, now £42 per month, Sky.com

If you’ve been considering upgrading to the iPhone 13, now is the time to do it because you can get 50 per cent off Sky’s 60GB plan in its early Black Friday sale. The new model looks similar to the iPhone 12, and has a smaller notch in the display, a new camera system and is powered by the company’s latest A15 chip, hvilken, according to Apple, means it’s up to 50 per cent faster than its competitors. I vår review of the phone, our tester said the iPhone 13 delivers “blazing-fast performance, great design and great cameras”, which makes “good photography easy”.

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Apple iPhone 12 pro, 256GB: Was £949, now £899, Curry.no

The less expensive iPhone 12 pro model has many of the same features as the pro max, including the ceramic shield technology as well as the A14 bionic chip and the ultra-wide and telephoto lens. I vår review of the phone, we praised the “sleek stainless steel finish” and the “lovely new flat-edge design, harking back to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 days.” If you’re looking to upgrade, there’s no better time as Currys is offering £50 off the model right now in its Black Friday sale.

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Apple iPhone 12: Was £45.54 per month, now £38.54 per month, O2.co.uk

Pay £20 upfront and you can get Apple’s iPhone 12 with 64GB of storage for the reduced price of £38.54 per month in O2’s early Black Friday sale. That’s a saving of up to £252 over the course of a 36-month contract. You’ll get 150GB of data each month, which is plenty enough to last you hours and hours of Netflix streaming on Apple’s first 5G phone. iPhone 12 is a great all-rounder. “If having the latest model isn’t high on your list of priorities, consider the iPhone 12, which is designed to have the broadest appeal,” our writer said in our round-up of the best iPhones. “It is a comprehensive package, complete with upgraded specs packed into a familiar form factor.”

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Apple iPhone 12, 128GB: Was £729, now £713, Ao.com

iPhone 12 is Apple’s first 5G phone and delivers super-fast speeds, with our reviewer calling it a great all-rounder phone. If you’re not interested in a new contract deal, then take a look at this deal from AO, which features a modest £16 saving. “If having the latest model isn’t high on your list of priorities, consider the iPhone 12, which is designed to have the broadest appeal,” our writer said in our round-up of the best iPhones.

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Apple iPhone 12 mini, 128GB: Was £47 per month, now £22.50 per month, Three.co.uk

If smaller phones are more your thing, then check out this deal on the iPhone 12 mini from Three. While you’ll have to pay £29 up-front, you’ll get the first six months of your contract at half the price, plus 100GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. iPhone 12 mini packs in the same features as the regular iPhone 12, just in a smaller body.

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Apple iPhone 12 mini, 128GB: Was £629, now £609, Johnlewis.com

Not looking for a new contract but want to buy a new iPhone 12 mini outright? Then take a look at this deal from John Lewis & Partnere, which has taken a modest £20 off the small but mighty handset from Apple. You’ll get all the same features of owning an iPhone 12 telefon, but with its smaller dimensions, it will fit super snug in your grasp.

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Apple iPhone 11 and Apple Watch series 3: Was £45 per month, now £34 per month, Virginmedia.com

While the iPhone 11 might not be Apple’s latest and greatest handset, the two-year old smartphone still has plenty going for it. It features a 6.1in display, a dual-lens camera system with ultra-wide and wide lenses that support night mode, and runs on a still-snappy A13 Bionic chip. This package also comes with the Apple Watch series 3 to sweeten the deal. There’s no upfront cost with this 36-month contract deal on the iPhone 11 with 64GB of storage. You’ll also get unlimited texts and minutes, and a whopping 100GB of data.

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Apple MacBook pro, M1, 2020, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage: Was £1,299, now £1,199, Very.co.uk

Very has taken a £100 bite out of this Apple… 2020 M1 MacBook pro with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for Black Friday. The laptop featured in our round-up of the best laptops for high-end performance, with our tester saying that “unlike the Air, there is a fan in this model which means the fast performance can continue for even longer,” adding that the “pro includes a slightly more powerful graphics chip”. Selvfølgelig, you also get the nifty touch bar instead of the top row of physical function keys.

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Apple MacBook air, M1, 2020, 16GB RAM, 256GB storage: Was £1,199, now £1,149, Very.co.uk

Very has slashed the price of the 2020 M1 MacBook air with 16GB of RAM by £50 in its early Black Friday sale. The laptop featured in our round-up of the best high-end laptops for great performance, with our tester saying that it was “remarkably lightweight and slim, an effect made all the more appealing thanks to a tapered design – at its thinnest point, it’s 0.41cm thick”. And the new version is the first to use Apple’s own M1 chip instead of an Intel processor, meaning it’s breathtakingly fast too.

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Apple iPad pro, 2021, 256GB: Was £849, now £805, Amazon.co.uk

If you’re looking for a new tablet, then Apple’s latest 2021 iPad pro has just gone on sale at Amazon. It’s one of the best tablets around, outperforming most laptops in the spec department. It’s powered by the same M1 chip found in the MacBook pro, there’s a new liquid retina XDR screen, a Thunderbolt port, Face ID and some new rear and front-facing cameras. “The new iPad is not only the fastest and most powerful tablet you’ll come across, but it also outdoes most laptops,” our tester said in their review of the device. “The pro has the best of everything Apple makes.”

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Apple iPad mini, 2021, 6første generasjon, 256GB: Was £619, nå £599, Amazon.co.uk

The latest iPad mini has been out for less than two months and it’s already on sale at Amazon. While the savings are only modest, Apple rarely ever discounts the price on its kit, plus it’s the latest 2021 modell, so it’s even more of a steal. “The iPad mini is like a smaller version of the iPad air, but it’s also more powerful than that and has features the air can’t match such as ‘centre stage’ for video calls,” our writer said in our review of the new iPad mini. “It has a super-fast processor, and it’s amazingly convenient and pocketable.”

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Beats solo pro: Was £269.95, now £129, Amazon.co.uk

The Beats solo pro headphones are the company’s first pair of on-ear cans, and earned a spot in our round-up of the beste trådløse hodetelefoner. They’re not only sturdier than any Beats that have come before them, thanks to a new headband and anodised aluminium sidearms, but they also sound great, også. “They feature the company’s signature bouncy, upbeat, lively V-curve sound, with sparkly highs and deep, bassy lows,” our writer said in their review, adding that the “active noise cancellation is fairly good at blocking out the squeals of the tube”. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen them sell for.

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Beats studio 3: Was £299.95, now £149, Amazon.co.uk

As with the Beats solo pro, the studio 3s are another great pair of active noise-cancelling headphones. Embedded inside is Apple’s W1 chip which allows these to pair seamlessly with all Apple products, much like the AirPods. I tillegg til, Beats says that you should get a lengthy 20 hours on a single charge with ANC turned on. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen them sell for, so we’d recommend snapping them up before they sell out.

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Beats solo 3: Kostet £179, now £119, Very.co.uk

The Beats solo 3 trådløse hodetelefoner are the brand’s smallest headphones in its on- and over-ear range. Like most Beats headphones, they come with Apple’s W1 chip built-in, so they pair easily to your iPhone and other Apple devices. You get an estimated 40 hours of battery life from these cans, but they can also be hooked up with a wire if you find yourself running out of battery. I tillegg til, there’s now £50 off at Very.

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Apple magic keyboard for 12.9in iPad pro: Kostet £349, now £164.50, Johnlewis.com

Apple’s magic keyboard for the iPad pro isn’t just a keyboard – it doubles up as a protective case for the tablet. “It is cleverly decked out with a cantilever design so you can angle the screen perfectly," sa vår skribent i sin anmeldelse av best keyboards. “Unlike most other keyboards like this, the keys are backlit – it draws its power from the iPad which connects to it by a smart connector inside.”

But the best thing? According to our reviewer, it’s the way the keys feel. They described them as “on a par with the latest Apple keyboards on iMac and MacBook pro”. John Lewis & Partners is currently selling it at half its normal price this Black Friday.

Apple magic mouse: Was £79, now £54.90, Amazon.co.uk

It might not look like much, but this mouse is a really clever one. It has a sleek, buttonless, glassy design, that neatly combines the functionality of a trackpad and mouse into one device – you can swipe side to side, hold, press and even tap it with multiple fingers. It also pairs with your Mac automatically when you take it out of the box.

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Apple Pencil 1st gen: Was £89, nå £64, Amazon.co.uk

The Apple Pencil mimics the responsiveness and precision of writing with an actual biro or fountain pen. You can draw, take notes or just navigate around your iPad with ease. It’s perfect for the more creative Apple user as well, letting you sketch, colour in and edit images with the stylus. Although we haven’t tested the device here at IndyBest, it’s been a go-to for digital artists and graphic designers since its launch five years ago, and you can save 21 per cent on the Pencil right now.

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Apple USB-C digital AV multi-port adaptor: Was £75, now £59.98, Amazon.co.uk

This isn’t the sexiest Apple product in the world, but for anyone needing to hook up their MacBook or iPad to an external monitor, then it’s a real lifesaver. The official USB-C digital AV adapter from Apple lets you connect your USB-C enabled Mac or iPad pro to an HDMI display, while also providing extra ports for a standard USB device and a USB-C charging cable, essentially giving you two extra ports. It displays 1080p at 60Hz when connected up to your Mac, so it’s all crisp and clear on the monitor. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen this adapter sell for on Amazon.

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Hva er Black Friday?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, Svart fredag is an annual sales event and typically the last opportunity to bag a bargain before Christmas.

The shopping extravaganza originally started across the pond in the US as a one-day event the day after Thanksgiving but, since arriving in the UK, it now lasts until the following Monday (aka Cyber ​​mandag).

Hva er historien til Black Friday?

The first reports of Svart fredag date back to around the 1950s in the US, when shops in Philadelphia discounted products to mark the beginning of the festive season. Later uses of the term in the Sixties saw the police referring to “Black Friday” when describing the chaotic traffic congestion the day after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday became a modern retail phenomenon in the mid-2000s, when footage of impatient shoppers falling over one another to grab discounted electronics went viral. Siden 2005, Black Friday has consistently been the busiest shopping day in the United States.

Amazon brought the fun to British shores in 2010, and since then Black Friday has become just as hyped in the UK as it is in the US.

When will Apple Black Friday 2021 deals start?

De 2021 event falls on 26 November and there will be deals dropping throughout the whole weekend, concluding on Cyber ​​mandag på 29 november.

derimot, deals have been dropping all November long, and are likely to end in early December, as each year the Svart fredag weekend increases in size.

Hva er Cyber ​​Monday?

The Monday following Svart fredag has come to be known as Cyber ​​mandag, traditionally because online sales would peak. I år, it falls on 29 november. It’s usually the last day of the sales but, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is getting longer and longer, with some retailers’ deals running into the January sales.

Hva er den beste måten å få en Black Friday på 2021 avtale?

Throughout Svart fredag og Cyber ​​mandag, the IndyBest team will be continually updating our guides with the most impressive discounts to snap up across teknisk, mote og skjønnhet, hvitevarer, leker, TVer, and Apple deals, også, selvfølgelig.

We’ll also be handpicking offers from a host of retailers, so make sure you keep checking back for all the latest bargains.

Unlike last year, when many shops were closed amid the pandemic, the event will go ahead in-store as well as online now that lockdown restrictions have eased, so it’s worth popping your head into your local stores as well.

Tips for shopping the Black Friday event online

The best way to ensure you’re prepared is to set up accounts with all the big retailers, gjelder også Amazon, Argos, Currys og Veldig. This makes shopping on the day easier and quicker, and it means you’ll be less likely to miss out on a deal. Hvis du er ute etter levering neste dag, melde seg på Amazon prime or start a free 30-day trial in the lead up to the event.

We’d also recommend signing up to any newsletters from your favourite retailers that are likely to sell Apple products. That way, you’ll be the first to know when the sales start and have access to any discount codes you may need.

Download the apps of your favourite retailers and follow them on social media too, as they often promote certain dates and products ahead of the sale.

You should also read the retailer’s returns policy if you’ve not shopped there before. Og endelig, sikre at anti-malware-programvaren er oppdatert. Les vår anmeldelse av de beste løsningene her.

Tips for shopping the Apple Black Friday 2021 salg

The IndyBest team will be on-hand throughout the Svart fredag event to help you navigate the discounts on iPhones, Apple klokker, AirPods and more, bringing you the best Apple deals from all the major retailers as we find them.

Like last year, Apple is giving away Apple Store gift cards up to the value of £160 between 26 november og 29 November on eligible purchases. Here are the gift card deals up for grabs:

  • A £40 gift card with every iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE purchase
  • Up to £60 gift card with every AirPods (2nd and 3rd generation), AirPods pro and AirPods max purchase
  • A £40. gift card with every Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 3 purchase
  • An £80 gift card with every iPad pro 11in and iPad pro 12.9in purchase
  • An £80 Apple Store gift card with an eligible Mac notebook or Mac mini purchase
  • A £160 gift card with every 27in iMac purchase

We’d also keep an eye on Amazon, John Lewis & Partnere, Aldi, Veldig og Currys, who have all slashed prices on Apple products in the past, as well as mobile network providers like O2, Three and Virgin Media.

Will the iPhone 13 be on sale during Black Friday?

There’s a good chance the iPhone 13 will be discounted this Svart fredag. These deals will most likely be trade-in promotions, which is what we saw last year, but never rule out discounts on the handsets sans-contract. The deals might not be as good as they were at launch, with network providers frequently offering the best discounts as close to the phone’s release date as possible. Check out our round-up of the beste iPhone 13 contract deals for mer informasjon.


For the latest discounts on Apple, teknisk, leker og mer, prøv lenkene nedenfor:

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IndyBest-produktanmeldelser er upartiske, uavhengige råd du kan stole på. Ved noen anledninger, vi tjener inntekter hvis du klikker på lenkene og kjøper produktene, men vi lar aldri dette påvirke dekningen vår. Evalueringene er samlet gjennom en blanding av ekspertuttalelse og testing fra den virkelige verden.