We’ve found the best tablet deals for January 2022, with top discounts on iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface Pro available at Amazon, カリーズなど

For years now, tech firms like 林檎, マイクロソフト そして サムスン have told us that the future of computing is tablets instead of ラップトップ.

These companies produce tablets with a broad range of screen sizes, features and prices. Some can be bought with detachable keyboards, others have convenient kickstands, and many work with digital styluses, for unleashing your inner artist.

Tablets are often lighter, thinner and generally more portable and convenient than a laptop, with a broader price range and smartphone-based operating systems to make them easy for anyone to use.

When thinking of タブレット コンピューター, it’s easy to jump straight into the Apple Store and pick up an iPad. And while, はい, the iPad range is larger than ever, with prices stretching from just £479 for the iPad mini (, all the way up to £2,149 for a fully-loaded 12.9in iPad pro (, there are plenty of alternatives out there too.

Companies like Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft all offer a range of tablets to choose from. If you don’t own any Apple devices, and aren’t in the company’s ecosystem, then looking at an alternative manufacturer can be a great idea – and potentially save you some money, あまりにも.


The best tablet deals for January 2022 英国では:

  • Apple iPad pro, 2020, 11に, 1TB: Was £1,069, 今£949,
  • Apple iPad pro, 2021, 12.9に, 128GB: 999ポンドでした, now £959.97,
  • Huawei matepad pro LTE: Was £549.99, now £399.99,
  • Samsung Galaxy tab S7: Was £719, now £619,
  • Samsung Galaxy tab A7 lite: 149ポンドでした, 今£119,
  • Microsoft surface pro 7: £799でした, now £639,

Apple iPad pro, 2020, 11に, 1TB: Was £1,069, 今£949,

There are only a few left in stock, but right now the 512GB version of the 2020 iPad pro can be picked up with a £120 discount. For £1,079 you can grab the last remaining discounted stock of the 1TB version, should you need more storage space. This tablet has been succeeded by the 2021 リリース, but is still a blisteringly powerful device thanks to the A12Z bionic processor, and features an 11in liquid retina display that looks gorgeous.


Apple iPad pro, 2021, 12.9に, 128GB: 999ポンドでした, now £959.97,

ザ・ 2021 model of the top-of-the-range iPad pro is a fiercely powerful device, with Apple’s blazing fast M1 chip thrumming away behind its luscious, 12.9に, edge-to-edge retina display. The 128GB version of the tablet currently has a modest four per cent off at Amazon and offers enormous power. It’s perfect for working from home, ゲーム, browsing the web, editing photos and streaming video.


Huawei matepad pro LTE: Was £549.99, now £399.99,

The 4G version of Huawei’s flagship tablet has dropped in price by £150. This is a stylish device with a premium design and a class-leading battery life, though it lacks some of the more useful apps you might find on the iPad pro. For everyday use and entertainment however, it’s a brilliant piece of hardware with a luscious, high-resolution screen.


Samsung Galaxy tab S7: £719, now £619,

You can save almost £30 on this 11in display which packs a 4G connection so you can pop in a SIM card and connect to the internet wherever you are. There’s also 128GB of storage, and with Samsung DeX on board you can turn the tablet into a fully-fledged computer by connecting it to a compatible display, keyboard and mouse.

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Samsung Galaxy tab A7 lite: 149ポンドでした, 今£119,

This affordable tablet has an 8.7in HD display, making it comfortable to hold and use in one hand. The size is perfect for watching TV and movies, and while the 32GB of storage is less than some other tablets, a microSD card slot means that can be increased by up to 512GB.


Microsoft Surface pro 7: £799でした, now £639,

The Surface pro 7 has a large 12.3in display and is powered by a desktop-grade Intel Core i3 processor and runs Windows 11. A clever kickstand on the back flicks out to hold the surface at various angles when you want to work or watch a video, and unlike many tablets, the Microsoft Surface pro 7 has a range of ports for easily connecting USB-A and USB-C devices.

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