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TikTok alleges huge amounts of food thrown out by Whole Foods

TikTok alleges huge amounts of food thrown out by Whole Foods
‘Honestly this is not OK,’ says Dumpster Diving Freegan Tik Tokker after finding dumped food

A popular TokTokker claims to have exposed wasteful food dumping practices at Whole Foods.

The person who runs the account, called Dumpster Diving Freegan, said she found nearly 100 loaves of bread thrown out from a single Whole Foods store in one night that hadn’t expired.

“Everything that I found was at least two days before its best buy date and could have easily been donated, frozen or given to people who needed it,” she says in a voiceover, showing the disposed foods.

“Honestly this is not OK,” she says in the video, which has attracted more than 180,000 vues.

According to her profile, the Dumpster Diving Freegan says she is exposing waste in the US.


@Clown generated content So… I decided to investigate further, and OH MY GOD. ##dumpsterdiving ##MakeItCinematic ##freegan ##capitalism ##donatedontdump

son original – Dumpster Diving Freegan

It’s not clear where in the United States the Whole Foods store was located.

The TikTokker says she also found olive oil, baby food and even toilet paper had been thrown out, and says she was able to salvage most of the items and donated them to a food bank.

She said she was drawn to investigate Whole Foods after another TikTokker, who runs the account Decepticonmmunist account, posted about having to throw out huge amounts of food while working at the retailer.

A TikTokker found dozens of Whole Foods food packages that had not expired in a dumpster

In a second part of the video, Dumpster Diving Freegan shows the more than $500 worth of items she retrieved from the dumpster, including chocolate cake, tea, reusable cups and baby food.

Information provided to L'indépendant by a Whole Foods Market spokesperson showed the retail giant donates millions of pounds of perishable and non-perishable foods to food banks and rescue agencies each year.

Dans 2020 seule, Whole Foods Market donated more than 27 million meals to redistribution programmes in the US.


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son original – Dumpster Diving Freegan