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Is Hyram se nuwe volhoubare velsorgprodukte so goed soos sy TikToks?

Is Hyram se nuwe volhoubare velsorgprodukte so goed soos sy TikToks?
Everything you need to know about Selfless by Hyram, the first product launch from TikTok influencer Hyram Yarbrom, including a cleanser, serum and moisturiser

It sometimes seems like there’s a new celebrity or social media influencers’ skincare line launching every day, with popular personalities aiming to market their velsorg secrets, haircare routines and grimering must-haves.

The latest addition to the scene is Selfless by Hyram, a skincare brand that launches on 24 Junie, created by Hyram Yarbro with Colette Laxton and Mark Curry – the two founders of budget beauty brand The Inkey List. Yarbro first found fame on TikTok, as gen Z users flocked to his channel to soak up his straightforward, upbeat and most importantly, realistic advice on how to care for your skin and build a regime.

Known for recommending affordable products, working with accessible brands and having beautiful skin himself, his aim is to introduce his followers to skincare and educate them on what products and ingredients they need, and what they don’t.

The five-piece line-up includes a gel cleanser, retinol, exfoliating serum, an oil control serum and a daily moisturiser. In 'n persverklaring, Yarbro explained what he wants to offer with his first foray into products: “My goal is to help people by not only creating high-quality skincare with incredible formulations, but to also give people an opportunity to empower others around the world who are impacted by some of the biggest global issues known to our generation.”

Selfless by Hyram has partnered with Rainforest Trust en Thirst Project, and every purchase will contribute to the work of these organisations, ranging from providing a year’s clean drinking water in over 60 communities in Eswatini, Afrika, to protecting against tropical deforestation through land purchase.

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We were one of the first to get our hands on the products ahead of its launch and have spent the past few weeks putting them through their paces – here’s our verdict.

U kan ons onafhanklike resensies vertrou. Ons verdien miskien kommissie van sommige handelaars, maar ons laat nooit toe dat dit keuses beïnvloed nie, wat gevorm word uit regte toetsing en kundige advies. Hierdie inkomste help ons om joernalistiek te finansier Die Onafhanklike.

Selfless by Hyram centella and green tea daily gel cleanser

This gentle cleanser is perfect for use in the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening once you’ve removed your make-up and SPF. It’s very lightweight and softens skin without being too thick or cloying and leaves your face feeling refreshed after just one use. It’s basic but not boring and would be a great entry point into the brand.

The tube distributes a generous amount of product that easily covers your face and it doesn’t lather so much that you’re covered in suds, nor does it irritate your eyes if you accidentally rub it in. Like the entire Selfless by Hyram range, the packaging is made from 100 per cent sugarcane that’s sustainably farmed in Brazil, and the cardboard box it comes in is made from over 90 per cent recycled materials.

Selfless by Hyram salicylic acid and sea kelp pore clearing and oil control serum

On every product there is a day (a sun) or night (a moon) symbol, so it’s always made clear which part of your routine it fits into. This is the only serum in the range designed for use in the morning for oily and acne-prone skin. The formula is rich in salicylic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that breaks down oil and dirt clogging pores that can lead to breakouts, while also preventing excess oil production.

Daarbenewens, there is niacinamide and sea kelp, which combine to prevent hydration loss and aid the repair of your skin barrier. It’s a clear, water-like serum that’s weightless on the skin and absorbs quite quickly, making it an easy addition to your routine if you’re battling breakouts. We found it made a noticeable difference to the size of pores on our nose and helped reduce the inflammation of hormonal acne that typically presents itself on our chin area.

Selfless by Hyram mandelic acid and rice bran gentle exfoliating serum

Mandelic acid is a great exfoliating agent if you’re prone to sensitivity, as stronger acids can sometimes lead to irritation. If you’ve been overdoing it, this is much more gentle and it helps improve skin texture, increase cell turnover and brighten your complexion. It’s recommended you use three to four drops, en, as the tube dispenses quite a lot of product each time, we found two squeezes covered every inch of skin on our face and neck. Ten spyte van hierdie, it doesn’t take too long to absorb and didn’t leave our skin feeling too wet.

While sensitive skin types will benefit from this, all skin types will easily be able to enjoy it. It’s important to note too that this should not be used at the same time as retinol or any other exfoliating acids, to steer clear of irritation and possible inflammation. In plaas daarvan, alternate if you want to use both as part of your routine.

Selfless by Hyram retinol and rainbow algae repair serum

Retinol is widely considered the gold-standard anti-aging ingredient and plays an important role in preventing fine lines and wrinkles in the future. Egter, it’s also quite a tricky ingredient to get to grips with, as used too often or in too strong a quantity, it can cause irritation. Its presence in the Selfless by Hyram range shows that this brand isn’t just for people completely new to skincare, but for a new generation of “skintellectuals” who are much more informed about the ingredients they need.

Containing 0.2 per cent retinol, it has a creamy, milky texture that takes a little longer to absorb than the other serums, but has quite a thin consistency so it doesn’t leave your face feeling heavy with the product. For the most comfort, we’d recommend ensuring it’s completely rubbed in before following up with your moisturiser. We were pleased to note we saw zero irritation or skin flaking, which is a common side effect of using retinol. While it claims to be safe to use every day in the evening, if you’re new to this ingredient, we’d implore you to start with just two to three days a week.

Selfless by Hyram nacinamide and maracujá daily barrier support moisturiser

This is a great all-rounder that will suit those with both oily or dry skin that are after a simple and speedy daily moisturiser. The 50ml tube is very slim and compact, with a tiny, long nozzle that dispenses product, and we found it ideal to travel with as it takes up very little space. It has a gel texture and is all about supporting your skin barrier, which can be easily damaged by over-exfoliating, over-cleansing, or too much UV exposure.

If your skin is very dry or prone to eczema, you may want a richer texture, but for a lightweight formula that sits well under SPF and make-up, this is worth the price tag. It feels more hygienic than a pot too, as you’re not putting your fingers into the product every time you use it. It’s packed with niacinamide, murumuru oil, upcycled passionfruit from Peru’s juicing industry and maracujá, which work together to hydrate, smooth skin and deliver a softer complexion.

Die uitspraak: Selfless by Hyram

Hyram, Laxton and Curry have created a neat collection here, with ingredients proven to make a difference to skin, and the range goes beyond just the basics needed to see an improvement in clarity, texture and uneven skin tone.

From the range, die centella and green tea daily gel cleanser makes for a great buy that all skin types can benefit from. It’s beautifully simple and effective and forms the foundation of a skincare routine that will deliver results. The added touch of details about the social impact of each product on the inside of the packaging is informative and useful, and it’s great to see a detailed breakdown of the sustainability aims of the brand too.


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