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Save more than 60% on Emma mattresses and pillows at Brand Alley today

Save more than 60% on Emma mattresses and pillows at Brand Alley today
There’s more than 60% off Emma mattresses and pillows in Brand Alley’s flash sale – but you better be quick

Given that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, a good mattress is a must-have – but they don’t come cheap. If you’re looking to save, you’re in luck as BrandAlley is offering up to 60 per cent off one of our favourite bed-in-a-box brands right now.

Home of the “non-stop designer sale”, the site is packed with discounts on everything from Le Creuset cookware para Levi’s jeans and Coach bags.

Agora, you can pick up an Colchão Emma for less than half price – but you better be quick, as the flash sale ends today.

With Emma’s own spring sale offering up to 53 percentual de desconto, BrandAlley boasts the most competitive prices around right now.

From the original mattress to hybrid models and the brand’s bestselling travesseiros, you can rest easy as we’ve found the best deals to add to your basket.

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Emma original mattress, Duplo: Was £750, now £315,

You can save a whopping 58 per cent right now on Emma’s acclaimed original mattress. The memory foam design earned a spot in our round-up of the melhores colchões with our tester saying: “We found this mattress to be very comfortable, with solid support beneath the memory foam layer. This is thanks to the heavy-duty foam at the bottom of the mattress.” They also praised the upper layer of foam that gently supports pressure points, as well as the temperature-regulating technology that helps wick away sweat.

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Emma smart comfort mattress, Duplo: Was £1069, now £375,

Esta 65 per cent saving on Emma’s smart comfort mattress is a rare find. The brand claims that this design ensures relaxation by combining pressure relief and body support. Setting it apart from other mattress designs, it boasts open-cell visco foam that helps it adapt to any body shape, allowing for a deeper and longer sleep. As with all of Emma’s mattresses, it arrives rolled and vacuum-packed.

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Emma original pillow: Custava 90 £, now £40,

If you’re after a top-quality pillow, BrandAlley is offering up to 60 per cent off its original pillow. It earned a spot in our arredondar para cima with our reviewer praising it as offering “excellent support”, enquanto em nosso in-depth review of the original pillow, our tester said they were completely “won over” by the design. “We found it spectacularly supportive and our neck has never felt better,” they concluded.

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Emma smart comfort hybrid mattress, Duplo: Was £1069, now £375,

Another impressive saving, há 65 per cent off right now on this hybrid design. While its visco foam perfectly adapts to your body shape, the layer of pocket springs help with comfort and support. The hybrid design has added practicality with its airflow vents and body contouring aquagel foam.

Read our full review of the Emma hybrid mattress

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