PS5ストック英国 – 住む: Today’s restock news from Tesco, ゲーム, アルゴスなど

PS5ストック英国 - 住む: Today’s restock news from Tesco, ゲーム, アルゴスなど
今日はどこでPS5を購入できますか? アルゴスからの最新のPS5補充英国のアップデートとニュースをライブでフォローしてください, ゲーム, スキャンなど


PlayStation September System Software UpdatesNew PS5, PS4 and Mobile App Features

ザ・ PS5 11月に発売 2020, but supply problems and a global chip shortage have slowed the production of Sony’s next-generation console to a crawl. New stock is tricky to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out in the blink of an eye.

August was one of the best months ever for PS5 restocks, seeing multiple drops at 非常に, スミスのおもちゃ, BT そして EE, as well as availability at アルゴス, アマゾン そして ゲーム. 周りにあった 35 drops in total. This month has already been impressive though, with drops at AO.com, エーススタジオ そして ShopTo そして カリーズPCワールド all in the first week. We’ve also seen stock at BT そして スミスのおもちゃ, and earlier this week, we had some hefty drops at ゲーム, 非常に そして アルゴス. 次は何ですか?

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, あなたは正しい場所に来ました. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on プレイステーション 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, オンラインと店舗の両方, 噂のリリースの詳細を提供するだけでなく, 最新の PS5 games そして accessories to snap up.




What’s the difference between the PS5 and PS5 digital edition?

Sony sells two versions of the PlayStation 5. Unlike the Xbox series S and series X, the two PS5 consoles have identical performance and play games equally well. They also have the same 825 GB of solid-state internal storage.

The only difference is how the digital edition does not have a disc drive. This means its games have to be downloaded from the PlayStation store, and it cannot play Blu-ray movies either.

The lack of a disc drive means the digital edition is cheaper, priced at £359.99 compared to £449.99 for the regular console with a disc drive. 現在, the PS5 digital edition is harder to get hold of and appears far less frequently in restocks than the disc edition.

アリステア・チャールトン16 9月 2021 08:58

Which retailers could still have a PS5 restock this week?

It’s been a busy week for PS5 restocks, と BT dropping consoles on Monday, followed by restocks from Game, アルゴス そして 非常に 火曜日に. We then also saw a small restock from ゲーム 水曜日に, which was likely cancelled orders from the previous day. Amazon’s rumoured Wednesday drop failed to materialise.

その間, has had two PS5 restocks this month, on the 2nd and 9th, so is unlikely to have more stock until October if it continues to follow its two-drops-per-month routine. Smyths has dropped PS5 stock just once this month, so we could see more from the toy store in September, 一方 Asda and John Lewis are yet to make any stock available in September so far.

アリステア・チャールトン16 9月 2021 08:39

Could an Amazon restock still arrive this week?

All eyes were on アマゾン on Wednesday as it was hoped the retail giant would have some shiny new PS5 consoles to share with us all. But sadly it wasn’t to be, and we’re left with the all-too-familiar “currently unavailable” message.

The question now is, might Amazon have a PS5 restock later in the week? We can’t say for sure, だが アマゾン usually restocks its PlayStation 5 supplies on Tuesday or Wednesday, so it would be unusual for a restock to land on Thursday or Friday. But don’t lose hope, as restocking isn’t an exact science and Amazon might well surprise us yet.

アリステア・チャールトン16 9月 2021 08:30

Good morning and welcome to the PS5 live blog

おはようございます, PS5 hunters! Welcome back to 独立者’s PS5 live blog, where we’ll bring you all of the latest restocking news from across the UK. A drop hoping to hit Amazon on Wednesday didn’t materialise, but we remain hopeful that more stock will land at other retailers before the end of the week.

Stay tuned to this live blog for the very latest PS5 restocking news throughout the day.

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Laterz from your resident PS5 stock trackers

Aaaand that’s a wrap for another day of PS5 stock tracking. While we didn’t get that アマゾン drop we were so desperately hoping to see, we did get an unexpected second dose of consoles from ゲーム.

Join us back here again tomorrow for some more PS5 stock sniffing. We could see another drop at スキャン, エーススタジオ そして Box.co.uk Catch you all then!.

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Can you get a VPN on the PS5?

While Sony doesn’t allow any VPN apps like NordVPN または ExpressVPN to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store (VPNs aren’t supported on the platform at all), 地理的に制限されたコンテンツをストリーミングしたい場合は、PS5でVPNを使用する方法がまだあります.

We’d recommend getting a VPN which has the Smart DNS feature. It’s a service provided by a number of VPN firms, NordVPNを含む, allowing you to spoof your location on devices that don’t have VPN support. あなたは私たちのまとめを読むことができます 最高のVPN 詳細については.


iPhoneで最高のVPNサービス, Firestick, Netflixとストリーミングのための英国のAndroidなど, ProtonVPNを含む, ExpressVPN, NordVPNとCyber​​Ghost

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We’ve been following the scent of PS5s for months and months now, but it’s not the only next-gen console we’re getting a whiff of. We’re also tracking stock of the Xbox series X, which is just as elusive as the PS5.

Game has just had an All Access Xbox series X restock, which lasted (文字通り) 日々. If you want Microsoft’s next-gen console, head over to our Xbox stock tracking liveblog for all the latest updates. You’ll be the first to know when the console next drops.

The Xbox series X is in stock at Game and Very – here’s how to get it

Where is the Xbox series X in stockright now? Follow live for the latest Xbox series X restock UK updates from Amazon, ジョンルイス, カリーズなど

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Best PS5 SSD


As of today’s update, gamers with oodles of PS5 games can finally install their own SSD onto their PS5 and expand the storage of the console. Before this, のみ external hard drives could be used, and only PS4 games could be stored on them. It’s a little bit confusing to install, requiring removal of the thumbscrew, a heatsink and more, but it’s the price Sony makes you pay for expanding your internal storage.

Want an external SSD instead? We’d recommend the Seagate 4TB HDD (£88.99, Amazon.co.uk). Only PS4 games can be stored on it however. You can read our review of the SSD and our other favourite PS5 accessories 未満.

8 ゲーム体験を向上させる最高のPS5アクセサリー

コントローラーからメンバーシップまで, これらはあなたのゲームプレイを強化するための最高のPS5アクセサリーです, アマゾンから, ソニー, Naconなど

アレックス・リー15 9月 2021 14:20

Upcoming PS5 games: ‘Far Cry 6’ PS5

‘Far Cry 6’: £54.99, Amazon.co.uk

Set in a tropical paradise, you’ll play as Dani Rojas, who is on a mission to take down the ruthless dictator in a bid to save his son. It’s likely to be as politically dicey as the previous Far Cry games made by Ubisoft. With such high-end production values, we’re expecting that this will be a huge hit.

The game was initially slated for a February release, but thanks to those pesky delays, it’s been pushed back and confirmed for 7 10月, which is bang in the middle of the big gaming season. Make sure you beat the crowds by pre-ordering it now.

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