Things you only know if you’re always losing your phone – as Louis Tomlinson’s tweet about misplacing his goes viral

Things you only know if you’re always losing your phone – as Louis Tomlinson’s tweet about misplacing his goes viral
One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson said goodbye to his mobile after he got a bit too excited at Euro 2020.

通常は, when a tweet from a former One Direction member blows up online, it’s an announcement about a new music video, a long-awaited single or – most likely – Harry Styles has worn something awesome.

今回, it’s Louis Tomlinson who’s gone viral, and it’s for a much more mundane reason. “Lost my phone over the ユーロ ” the singer tweeted to his 35.8 百万人のフォロワー. “How’s everyone doing??」

The tweet has already gained more than 280k likes and 79k retweets, with Tomlinson, who was pictured watching イングランド during Euro 2020, following up in reply to a user who asked how the phone was lost, 言って: “Got over excited at the Euros.”

Whether you’re a footie fan or not, it’s a totally relatable tweet. If you’re someone who’s always misplacing your mobile, you’ll be able to empathise with the pop star’s plight…

It’s a horrible feeling

“Hang on,” you gasp, “where’s my phone?” as you realise for the third time that day you can’t see your mobile anywhere. You rummage urgently in your pockets/bag/both, praying your device is in there somewhere.

…but the relief when you find it is amazing

After the heart-pounding terror when you can’t find your mobile, the wave of relief that washes over you is glorious.

It’s never where you think it’ll be

No matter how many times you mislay it, there seems to always be some new obscure place where your phone ends up. Under the seat in your car, down the back of the sofa cushions, in the fridge… it’s like playing hide and seek, except a lot less fun when you’re late for work and need to get out of the door ASAP.

(アラミー/ PA)

Your friends and family despair

You’re renowned amongst your pals for your mobile-losing abilities. They know that if you’re not replying to their messages it’s probably not on purpose, it’s because you’re currently phone-less.

It’s quite nice going ‘off the grid’

On the plus side, you’re forced to have a digital detox every time your phone disappears, and actually you quite like the break from social media scrolling and not having to reply to messages.

You’ve had a lot of near-misses

You’ve left it in taxis, on your desk at work, in restaurants, bars, パブ, the cinema… you’re constantly having to go back and hope that a good Samaritan has handed your device in – and they usually have.

You never learn

No matter how many times you vow to be more careful with your gadgets, you still can’t seem to hang on to them. Even getting a brand new phone doesn’t make you more conscientious. You’re just going to have to keep relying on luck – and those incredibly useful ‘find my phone’ apps.