Ex-Trump lawyer says prosecutors ‘working very hard’ towards indicting ex-president

Ex-Trump lawyer says prosecutors ‘working very hard’ towards indicting ex-president
The disbarred Trump attorney says prosecutors have enough to indict Mr Trump ‘yesterday’

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on Monday said New York state and federal prosecutors have more than enough evidence to bring indictments against his former boss — and are working hard to do so.

Mr Cohen, who on Monday finished a three-year sentence he had been serving in federal prison and on home confinement for a variety of federal crimes which he said he had committed at former president Donald Trump’s behest, appeared on CNN shortly after completing the paperwork necessary for his release from federal custody.

The disbarred attorney, who was one of Mr Trump’s closest confidantes before he chose to cooperate with law enforcement and give evidence against his former boss, said he will not be the only person who serves a prison sentence for the crimes he committed while in Mr Trump’s service.

“I make this promise: I may have been prosecuted — and right now I am the only one — but I will not be the only one at the end,” he said during an appearance on CNN Newsroom.

Mr Cohen, who has continued to meet with and provide documents to prosecutors during his term of incarceration, suggested that others who could face federal indictment for the hush-money scheme he was imprisoned for include Mr Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr, his daughter Ivanka, and Alan Weisselberg, the Trump organization accountant who is currently facing charges for evading taxes on compensation paid to him by Mr Trump’s eponymous company.

Prosecutors, he said, “want to ensure that they have everything in order” before bringing any cases against Mr Trump or his kin.

“They have to make sure that when they do file those indictments against anyone whose last name is Trump — or others — that those indictments stick,” he said, adding that he is still meeting with prosecutors on “a regular and ongoing basis”.

“I don’t want to get into the sum and substance of the investigation other than to say that they are working very hard and they’re working on a daily basis in terms of bringing this indictment,” he said.

Mr Cohen, who was disbarred after he pleaded guilty to lying to the House and Senate intelligence committees about Mr Trump’s plans to build a Trump Tower in Russia, has previously predicted that Mr Trump would eventually face criminal charges. But even though the former president has not been indicted for any crimes committed before or during his term in office, his former personal attorney said he stands by his prediction.

“The wheels of justice turn slowly. But at the end of the day, they do ultimately turn full circle,” he said, adding that the information he has provided prosecutors would be sufficient to obtain an indictment against Mr Trump “yesterday”.