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Eternals trailer appears to feature a chilling Age of Ultron Easter egg

Eternals trailer appears to feature a chilling Age of Ultron Easter egg
Eagle-eyed fan spotted a potentially game-changing connection to the 2015 film

Éternels is yet to be released but already merveille fans have spotted some intriguing Easter eggs.

The forthcoming superhero film, directed by Oscar-winning Pays nomade filmmaker Chloe Zhao, is due for release next month.

A new trailer has landed ahead of the film’s arrival – and it did not take long for eagle-eyed fans to spot what could be a game-changing detail for the MCU.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Éternels focuses on a race of immortal beings who protect the planet Earth from supernatural threats. Among those villains are the ancient enemies named the Deviants who are expected to make their debut in the forthcoming film.

A theory posted on Reddit, tel que rapporté par Inverse, argues that Marvel may have foreshadowed the Deviants’ arrival into the MCU more than six years ago.

One fan pointed out the similarities shared between one scene in the recently released Éternels trailer and the vision that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) receives in Vengeurs: Age of Ultron (2015).

In particular, they highlight the resemblance between a shot in the trailer showing what appears to be an asteroid crashing into Earth and a similar scene in the vision that Thor has in Age of Ultron.

Later in the film, Thor says: “I’ve had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life.”

Scene in trailer for ‘Eternals’ 2021

As pointed out by Inverse, while Thor appears to be referring to the Infinity Stones, the Redditor notes that the superhero’s choice of words call to mind another shot from the Éternels bande annonce.

The scene in question – which occurs at the 28-second mark – sees a mass of land falling into the sea. The similarities beg the question of whether Thor warned viewers about the Deviants all the way back in 2015?

Thor’s vision told viewers of the Infinity Stones, Ultron and Thanos – but it is possible that the Deviants’ arrival to Earth was also referenced.

Scene in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ 2015

This could very well be a coincidence but given Marvel’s reputation for setting up connections years in advance, it is possible that the similarities are intentional.

Éternels stars Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Kit Harrington, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry and Richard Madden.

The film is slated for a theatrical release on 4 novembre.