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Truckers convoy finally enters Washington DC causing street closures

Truckers convoy finally enters Washington DC causing street closures
One driver claimed they were going to ‘f*** some s*** up if [the government] don’t do what we say. It’s gonna happen.’

Members of thePeople’s Convoyhave driven into Washington DC for første gang, prompting city police to close exits leading into the US capital.

After spending several days driving loops around the Beltway, sjåfører in the trucker’s convoy decided to attempt to block three lanes of traffic on I-495 before driving into Washington DC.

I følge The Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo, en av truckers made their intentions clear during their drive on the Beltway earlier on Monday, claiming they were going tof*** some s*** up if [the government] don’t do what we say. It’s gonna happen.

Convoy organiser Brian Brase originally advised the drivers to avoid the city over fears they would face mass arrests. He and co-organiser Mike Landis announced Monday they would enter the city on their daily drive.

“Today we’re getting right next to their walls,” Mr Landis told the drivers. “We’re not going to go in and throat-punch them just yet, even though I know we would all love to do that.”

Mr Brase still seemed unwilling to turn the protest into an occupying presence similar to Canada’sFreedom Convoy”, reminding drivers that theywon’t be stopping, it won’t be blocking anything, they’ll just be driving through.

The convoy took I-395 through Arlington with plans to cross the 14th Street Bridge into Washington DC. The line of hundreds of vehicles caused substantial back ups on I-395 and prompted the city to issue a traffic advisory for travelers, including those driving on the Beltway, I-295 and I-695.

According to city officials, police shut down several ingress points into the city in response to the convoy. The drivers had planned to hold a two-week protest on the National Mall beginning on Monday, but their application was partially denied because other events were booked during the times they requested, according to the National Parks Service.

Washington Post reports that the convoy originally planned to bring 500 trucks, 1,000 cars and campers, and up to 100,000 people to the National Mall. derimot, they withdrew their proposal on Sunday.

The convoy driversdemands have been varied and are at times contradictory to reality. The drivers were inspired by Canada’sFreedom Convoy”, which called for a repeal of all coronavirus restrictions in the country, but later devolved into a general right-wing protest.

The US convoy is making similar demands, though critics have pointed out that every state has either rescinded or has plans to rescind mask mandates this month. The federal government has done the same, and an OSHA mandate requiring all businesses with 100 employees or more to require vaccines was struck down by the US Supreme Court.

The only significant restrictions still in place are masked travel restrictions on planes, trains and public transportation and the still active National State of Emergency invoked at the beginning of the pandemic.

While the convoy’s organisers still insist the protest is aimed at Covid-19 restrictions, signs and decorations found amongst the participants suggest there are QAnon and 2020 election conspiracy theorists traveling with the drivers.