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Trump woed terwyl Dr Oz sukkel en Madison Cawthorn val uit – verkiesings regstreeks

Trump woed terwyl Dr Oz sukkel en Madison Cawthorn val uit – verkiesings regstreeks
US primaries 2022 – election day results: Follow live updates

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‘Great guy’: Trump endorses Dr Mehmet Oz in Republican primary for Senate race

With almost all the results now in from Tuesday’s key primary elections, Donald Trump has taken to Truth Social to baselessly suggest mail-in ballots were fraudulent in Pennsylvania, where his chosen Senate candidate Dr Mehmet Oz is locked in a tight battle with former hedge fund executive David McCormick.

With only a small portion of the vote yet to be counted, the two men are just a tiny number of votes apart, putting them within the 0.5-point margin that triggers an automatic recount – and raising the possibility that mail-in votes could put Mr McCormick ahead.

Elders, strong performances by several Trump-backed candidates indicate the former president still has plenty of clout within the party, but it was far from a perfect scorecard. Noord-Carolina Republicans threw out the far-right congressman Madison Cawthorn in his primary.

That result met with celebration even within the Republican Party, whose establishment increasingly wanted to see the congressman removed from office because of his extreme statements and outlandish behaviour.


Most Americans disapprove of Biden, Congress, and Supreme Court performance, new poll finds

Nearly two-thirds of Americans give Biden negative marks on his handling of the US economy, while seven in 10 now want Supreme Court justices to serve term limits, according to a newly released Quinnipiac University poll.

Andrew Feinberg dives into the numbers:

Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden, Congress, and Supreme Court performance

The Quinnipiac University poll found Americans disapprove of the job performance of all three branches of the federal government

Stuti Mishra20 Mei 2022 05:00

Oz and McCormick are in a virtual tie with thousands of ballots still to count

Where things stand in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary:

Dr Oz’s margin has narrowed in the past day, as county election officials continue to count mail-in ballots, but election workers still have thousands of left to count.

Pennsylvania’s Department of State, which oversees elections, reported roughly 51,000 mail-in and absentee ballots – including 17,000 in the Republican primary – yet to be tallied up.

Alex Woodward20 Mei 2022 04:00

“I was kicked out of Madison Cawthorn’s primary party. Here’s what I saw beforehand

Two days before he invoked far-right violent rhetoric to describe what’s coming from his lame duck term in Congress, Madison Cawthorn’s campaign party was off to a rocky start.

Die Onafhanklike’s John Bowden reports from North Carolina:

I was kicked out of Madison Cawthorn’s primary party. Here’s what I saw beforehand

Asked to leave the premises, reaching rock bottom with the Madison Cawthorn campaign

Alex Woodward20 Mei 2022 03:18

A baseless narrative that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from Donald Trump has fuelled a wave of state-level efforts to subvert democratic elections with legislation that makes it easier for partisan officials to undermine voters, according to a new report.

Pro-democracy groups found more than 200 attempts to change the rules of election administration and strip oversight from election officials, efforts that democratic advocates have warned could invite bogus fraud investigations or try to overturn results entirely.

GOP pushed dozens of ‘election subversion’ bills to hijack results, verslag vind

Republican state lawmakers filed more than 200 bills in 2022 to change election rules and strip oversight from officials in response to a ‘crisis that doesn’t exist’

Alex Woodward20 Mei 2022 01:06

SCOTUS opinion on abortion rights could energize Democratic voters, peiling suggereer

The results of a NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll released on Thursday shows that 66 per cent of Democratic voters say the leaked draft opinion of a US Supreme Court case that could overturn constitutional protections for abortion rights has made them more likely to vote in November.

That figures compares to only 40 per cent of Republicans.

Twenty-one per cent of respondents said they haven’t heard about the opinion.

The poll also found that 47 per cent of respondents would cast their vote for the Democratic candidate in their district if the election were held today, in vergelyking met 42 per cent who would support the Republican.

Alex Woodward19 Mei 2022 23:00

Fetterman raised $1.6m after primary victory

After carrying every Pennsylvania county in the Democratic Senate primary, John Fetterman’s campaign hauled in more than $1.6m within 24 ure.

"Dankie, from the bottom of my heart, for your support,” het hy in 'n verklaring gesê. “I am deeply honored to be your nominee, and I am looking forward to turning this seat blue in November.”

Fetterman will face the victor in the GOP primary – likely either Dr Oz or David McCormick – in the general election in November.

Alex Woodward19 Mei 2022 22:20

In first post since election loss, Cawthorn invokes violent far-right ‘dark MAGA’ aesthetic

In his first post on Instagram since his election loss in Tuesday’s primaries, Madison Cawthorn says his remaining time in office will allow for “Dark MAGA to truly take command,” invoking the name of a violent fringe, far-right online aesthetic that depicts a vengeful Trump-fuelled movement.

He says he is on a mission to “expose those who say and promise one thing yet legislate and work towards another, self-profiteering, globalist goal.”

“Their days are numbered. We are coming," hy skryf.

Alex Woodward19 Mei 2022 21:20

‘Election subversion’ bills – and candidates who are counting on them – are all the rage

Candidates who denied the outcome of the 2020 presidential election are running for contests across the US. One of them, Doug Mastriano, won the GOP nomination for Pennsylvania’s next governor, a position that appoints the secretary of state, who can confirm the state’s slate of electors and certify the results.

Intussen, Republican state lawmakers have filed dozens of bills to change the rules of election administration and undermine the workers who run the nation’s elections.

Ten minste 33 states are considering at least 229 such bills, according to a new report from States United Democracy Center, Protect Democracy and Law Forward.

Sedert 2021, a total of 50 bills have been enacted or adopted.

“This report should sound an alarm for anyone who cares about free and fair elections,” said Victoria Bassetti, Senior Advisor, States United Democracy Center. “It shows that state legislatures are becoming bolder and more creative in their attempts to interfere with the trusted public servants who administer our elections. These bills are responses to a crisis that doesn’t exist. We know the 2020 election was free, fair, and accurate.”

Alex Woodward19 Mei 2022 20:55

17,000 ballots remain uncounted in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State reports 17,000 ballots remain uncounted in the state’s Republican primary elections, as of Thursday morning, with all eyes on the outcome of the GOP Senate race, with Trump-backed Dr Oz only slightly ahead of David McCormick based on current returns.

The race is almost guaranteed to head into a recount under state law.

Alex Woodward19 Mei 2022 20:11

Is Cawthorn done with politics?

Despite hinting that he’s not done yet, with some time left in his congressional term, it doesn’t seen Congressman Madison Cawthorn has the financial fuel to remain in office after his GOP primary election loss on Tuesday night.

His “Making A Difference In Service to Our Nation” (or MADISON) leadership PAC filed its termination with the Federal Election Commission, minder as 24 hours after results rolled in, according to Business Insider.

The Trump-backed candidate and once-ascendent young Republican in Congress conceded his loss to Chuck Edwards for the Republican nomination for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district race.

Alex Woodward19 Mei 2022 17:24