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Trump endorses New York Democrats as Mar-a-Lago affidavit hearing looms – live

Trump endorses New York Democrats as Mar-a-Lago affidavit hearing looms – live
Former lawyer also speculated Jared Kushner may have tipped off FBI about stashed papers

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Michael Cohen says Trump kept Mar-a-Lago documents as ‘bargaining chip’

Donald Trump has issued a strange brace of endorsements backing Democratic candidates in two congressional primaries in New York City.

Along with incumbent Carolyn Maloney, who is fighting for a newly redrawn district against fellow representative Jerrold Nadler, he has unexpectedly thrown his support behind Dan Goldman, a lawyer who served as counsel for the Democratic team in Mr Trump’s first impeachment.

It is not clear whether the endorsements are earnest or part of an attempt to scramble the primary field.

Intussen, as a new poll shows the majority of Americans support the FBI’s raid on the Trump Palm Beach estate, a Florida court is set to hear arguments about whether or not to unseal the affidavit that provided justification for the search.

The Department of Justice has rebuffed demands to release the document, warning that it could “chill” future efforts to secure witness cooperation.


Why the DoJ wants the Mar-a-Lago affadivit kept sealed

The Department of Justice has told the federal magistrate judge who approved last week’s search of former president Donald TrumpSe Palm Beach, Florida, home and office that it opposes unsealing a copy of the sworn statement prosecutors used to apply for a search lasbrief because it would jeopardise multiple ongoing investigations and could damage national security.

The Justice Department previously asked the judge to unseal the search warrant granted for the raid, citing Mr Trump’s public comments revealing the search of his property. But prosecutors with the department’s national security division said in a Monday court filing that they would not support making public the underlying affidavit on which Mr Reinhardt based his decision to allow the search, citing “a very different set of considerations” compared to the matter of whether to unseal the warrant.

With the hearing on the affidavit’s release scheduled for 1pm ET today, Andrew Feinberg takes a look at the department’s concerns.


Trump makes left-field endorsements in NYC Democratic primaries

Donald Trump made a bizarre attempt to mock Democrats on Wednesday as he sarcastically offered his support to political rivals who led efforts to impeach him.

Making the surprise announcement on his Truth Social account, the former president said it was his “great honour to strongly endorse” lawyer Dan Goldman, and representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler.

The 45th president of VSA said Mr Goldman should be given a fair chance at winning against the “Radical Left Democrats, who he knows are destroying our Country”.

Shweta Sharma has more.


Alex Jones moves on from “pigheaded” support for Trump

Inligting stigter Alex Jones has withdrawn his support for Donald Trump and thrown his weight behind Florida goewerneur Ron DeSantis, announcing on a broadcast that he would no longer “pigheadedly” support Mr Trump.

Mr Jones, who has been a supporter of the former president, said “DeSantis has just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good,” adding that he could see “real sincerity” in Mr DeSantis’ eyes when watching footage of the governor.

“We have someone who is better than Trump. Way better than Trump,” Jones said adding that the Florida governor is the person Mr Trump “should be like”.

Sravasti Dasgupta has more:


Carlson and Ingraham on Mike Pence

The former vice president’s remarks at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire yesterday predictably haven’t gone down well with everyone on the pro-Trump right – including at Fox News, many of whose hosts have rallied behind the former president since the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

Here’s a clip of late-night opinionators Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson picking at Mr Pence’s words.


Pence condemns attacks on FBI

In his remarks at St Anselm College in New Hampshire yesterday, Mike Pence said it is possible to criticise the investigation into Mr Trump without attacking law enforcement.

“I also want to remind my fellow Republikeine, we can hold the attorney general accountable for the decision he made without attacking the rank-and-file law enforcement personnel at the FBI," hy het gesê.

“The Republican Party is the party of law and order. Our party stands with the men and women who stand on the thin blue line at the federal and state and local level, and these attacks on the FBI must stop. Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police.”

Andrew Feinberg has more.


Allen Weisselberg willing to testify against Trump’s companies, verslag sê

Allen Weisselberg, die jarelange finansiële hoof van oudpres Donald Trumpse gelyknamige eiendoms- en hotelmaatskappy, sal glo getuienis teen sy werkgewer aflê as hy geroep word om in die maatskappy se komende te getuig belastingbedrog verhoor en sal sê hy het met die maatskappye saamgesweer om belastingbedrog te pleeg wanneer hy Donderdag 'n pleit van skuldig lewer.

Volgens Rollende klip, Mnr Weisselberg, ’n veteraan van Trumpworld wat sedert die dae van die oudpresident se pa vir die Trump-organisasie gewerk het, Fred Trump, “het ingestem om teen The Trump Corporation en die Trump Payroll Corporation te getuig wanneer die twee maatskappye in Oktober verhoor word.

Andrew Feinberg reports.


FBI Mar-a-Lago raid supported by majority of Americans

'N Nuwe YouGov poll shows that Americans largely approve of the FBI’s search of former president Donald TrumpSe Mar-a-Lago huis in Palm Beach, Florida.

Die peiling ondervra 1,500 adult citizens of the United States between 13 Augustus en 16 Augustus 2022.

Eric Garcia has the details.


In brutal first review, Kushner memoir dubbed ‘soulless’

Jared Kushner’s memoir of his time as a senior adviser aan Donald Trump has been labelled “earnest and soulless” in a brutal New York Times resensie.

Breaking History: A White House Memoir was derided as the self-serving, selective musings of a “cocky young real estate heir who happened to unwrap a lot of Big Macs beside his father-in-law” by Pendleton ondersteun Span GB se 'sprint-meisies' om sukses te behaal by die Olimpiese Spele in Parys book critic Dwight Garner.

Mr Kushner talks up his deal-making shrewdness while rolling out a stream of cliches in the tone of a “college admissions essay”, Mr Garner writes.

Bevan Hurley reports.


Trump may release surveillance footage from FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, verslag sê

Donald Trump might consider releasing security camera footage of the FBI search at his Mar-a-Lago residence as some of his allies have pressured him to make it public, volgens 'n nuwe verslag.

Some aides and allies of the former president are encouraging him to feature the closely held footage of the raid in campaign-style ads, a person familiar with the conversations told CNN.

Read my detailed report on how the proposal has left Republicans divided.


Top Democrat wants answers on investigation into embattled Homeland Security watchdog

A top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee is demanding answers about an investigation into the Department of Homeland Security waghond who has been accused of aiding efforts to cover up text messages sent and received by Donald Trump’s protective detail on the day a mob of his supporters stormed the US Capitol.

In a letter to Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency chair Kevin Winters, Verteenwoordiger Gerry Connolly said he has “serious concerns” about the “continued silence” coming from the committee regarding DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari in the wake of multiple reports indicating that Mr Cuffari, an appointee of Mr Trump, failed to notify Congress that text messages from Mr Trump’s protective detail had been deleted despite requests that they be preserved.

Andrew Feinberg reports: