Liz Cheney battles Trump-backed rival in Wyoming primary race – follow live

Liz Cheney battles Trump-backed rival in Wyoming primary race - follow live
Primary voters hit the polls on Tuesday in Wyoming and Alaska

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Liz Cheney ad calls out opponents’ stance on the ‘Big Lie’

Voters will decide the fates of two high-profile Republicans on Tuesday as primary elections occur in Alaska and Wyoming, two of the reddest states in the country.

In Wyoming, the vice chair of the House select committee investigating January 6, Liz Cheney, faces an effort by Donald Trump to punish her for disloyalty in the form of Harriet Hageman, her former staffer and current top rival.

Ms Cheney is deep underwater in the polls, and could lose tomorrow by more than 20 points by most indications. However, she has one trick up her sleeve: Democrats, who are rallying behind her in an attempt to block another 2020 electon conspiracist from office. Wyoming has closed primaries, but voters can change their registration on the day of voting.

Meanwhile in Alaska, the state’s former governor and right-wing provocateur Sarah Palin is seeking to make a political comeback after resigning her previous office under a cloud of ethics investigations. She trailed a fellow Republican, as well as one Democrat in the race, in a poll measuring her support levels last month. Alaska has ranked-choice voting, meaning that the candidates will have to contend with both Democratic and Republican voters deciding the outcome.


Murkowski faces more than a dozen challengers in Alaska

Sen Lisa Murkowski is heading in to a gauntlet of primary challengers on Tuesday as voters will decide if she is to be re-nominated to the US Senate. Alaska has a ranked-choice voting system, meaning she will likely face three of her top rivals in November.

Ms Murkowski is a vocal critic of Donald Trump, a rarity in her party, and thus faces a Trump-backed challenger in the form of Kelly Tshibaka, as well as 17 other eager would-be senators.

She is strongly favoured to win reelection, however, due to her continued popularity in the state and the sheer number of competitors who will make it hard for Ms Tshibaka or others to stand out.

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Sarah Palin leans in to Trump support ahead of primary

As former Gov Sarah Palin tries to reignite her political career with a victory in Tuesday’s US House primary election, the ex-VP candidate is leaning in to her support of Donald Trump, the man who has long attacked her former running mate, John McCain.

Last week, Ms Palin responded to the FBI’s raid of Mr Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, baselessly accusing Democrats of weaponising the agency to go after their political enemies. Many Republicans have argued as such as they dodge questions about why Mr Trump was apparently storing classified material at a resort in Florida despite no longer being president.


Dr Oz mocked over bizarre supermarket video

Mehmet Oz, better known as TV’s Dr Oz, came off looking like an out-of-touch celebrity or a member of Arrested Development’s Bluth family over the weekend after he posted a video in which he attacks his Democratic rival in Pennsylvania’s US Senate election for prices at the grocery store.

In the extremely odd video, a cartless and basketless Dr Oz hugs a stack of various produce to his chest as he misreads price labels and appears to experience the task of grocery shopping for the very first time. At least once in the video he appears to not understand that the prices displayed are by the pound, instead mistaking them for the costs of individual pieces of produce. He also appears to mispronounce the name of the store.

The video circulated on Twitter over the weekend after it was reposted by Ron Filipowski, a left-leaning activist.


Cheney trails challenger by nearly 30 points

A brutal poll out last week surveying the Wyoming GOP primary field found incumbent Liz Cheney, who faces blowback for her participation on the January 6 committee, down by 29 points to her rival Harriet Hageman.

On Tuesday, she could become the highest-profile Republican and only (former) member of the House GOP leadership to fall to Donald Trump’s vendetta against GOPers he sees as disloyal.

Many speculate that Ms Cheney is preparing for a future presidential run, or harbours other political ambitions. She hasn’t ruled out running for office in 2024.