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New Unite leader vows to fight for better jobs, pay and conditions

New Unite leader vows to fight for better jobs, pay and conditions
Sharon Graham told members there will be no more ‘parlour games’ in Parliament, saying ‘we are not a branch of the Labour Party.’

The newly-elected leader of the giant Unite union has told her members she will be campaigning for better pay, jobs and conditions rather than “battening down the hatches”.

In a letter to local Unite officials, Sharon Graham said members face a “critical time”, with tactics such as so-called “fire and rehire” becoming increasingly common.

Ela disse: “I have been elected to do what it says on the trade union tin – fight for jobs, pay and conditions. This is what I will be doing. There will be no more parlour games in Parliament we are not a branch of the Labour Party

“Now is the time to build strong, effective trade unionism. The task of delivering on my commitments will begin immediately.”

A telephone hotline to her office for Unite members is being set up and will be live within a few days, and she is bringing together local union officials involved in disputes so she can personally ensure they have support.

Ms Graham said her priorities include setting up a dispute support team and developing the “leverage” system of campaigning she has built up during recent conflicts.

Ela adicionou: “I will also undertake a comprehensive review of all Unite operations and make sure that our structures are fit for a workplace organisation.

“Finally, now is not the time to batten down the hatches. Juntos, we will make Unite a fighting back union where bad employers are made accountable for their actions.

“Workers cannot pay for the Covid crise. Juntos, we will ensure this does not happen.”