Barack Obama statue unveiled in Las Vegas

Barack Obama statue unveiled in Las Vegas
Newly opened park honours community leaders and former presidents

Barack Obama has been honoured by the City of Las Vegas with a statue in a newly opened park.

The former US president’s statue was among dozens included in the Historic Westside Legacy Park, and which was opened at the weekend.

The park, which reportedly pays tribute to 36 figures, was opened following an agreement with Clark County and the City of Las Vegas.

A local community panel decided the first 36 figures to be remembered with statues, also including Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president.

The park has been billed as an outdoors space to honour and remember figures who have made a difference locally, including former US presidents and Las Vegas community leaders.

Members of the public can still suggest future statues for the newly opened park, which has called for people to name people by 19 December.

That includes important figures who have connections to “activism, philanthropy, outreach, education, public impact, partnership, business development, artistic and/or cultural merit”.

Mr Obama’s statue is seated, with a small pile of books by his side. It is also situated underneath a tree, with a tree for shade and a bench to sit down on.

Historic Westside Legacy Park also includes a play area for children, a walking trail and artworks. It is located on Lake Mead Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevards.