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Strictly viewers in hysterics after AJ and Kai urged to kiss amid romance rumours

Strictly viewers in hysterics after AJ and Kai urged to kiss amid romance rumours
Both Odudu’s nephew and Claudia Winkleman teased the pair during Saturday’s episode (30 octobre)

Venez danser strictement fans were left in hysterics after the nephew of professional dancer AJ Odudu appeared to hint at a romance between his aunt and her dance partner Kai Widdrington.

Before the pair’s dance on Saturday’s show (30 octobre), they were visited by members of Odudu’s family, with one of her nephews quickly raising eyebrows over her flirtations with Widdrington.

After Odudu listed things that she particularly enjoyed about her time on Strictement cette année, and included Widdrington among them, her nephew asked: “Why don’t you just kiss him?"

Odudu and Widdrington both laughed at the remark, before Widdrington gave Odudu a peck on the hand.

In the studio after the pair’s live dance routine, presenter Claudia Winkleman referenced the pair’s alleged romance, en disant: “If you wanted to kiss at any point, come on Kai, le moment est venu!"

En réponse, Widdrington replied: “After the score!"

Viewers were delighted by the moment.

“Listen to the child AJ!" a tweeté une personne.

“So we’re in agreement that AJ and Kai are in love right?” asked another.

Widdrington previously addressed rumours of the pair’s romance lors d'une comparution sur Strictement companion show Il faut être deux mardi (26 octobre).

“The passion during this routine set the rumour mill going,” host Rylan Clark said. “Can we settle a few scores here, s'il te plaît? I have known AJ for many years, I know she can’t lie to me.”

“If people react like this it means we’re doing something right, because that’s the way the dance should be danced,” Widdrington replied. “It’s a very passionate song, a real fiery piece and very intimate … So if people want to think that, then great. But we were just doing our job and [UN J] did a great job.”

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