Trudeau says he regrets vacation on Indigenous day

Trudeau says he regrets vacation on Indigenous day
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is apologizing for travelling for a vacation on a day meant to honor Indigenous survivors of Canada’s residential schools system

首相 ジャスティン・トルドー said Wednesday he made a mistake travelling for a vacation last week on a day meant to honor 先住民族 survivors of Canada’s residential schools system.

The newly reelected prime minister has faced intense criticism for the Sept. 30 trip after he was filmed on a beach on Vancouver island. His itinerary initially reported he was in オタワ for private meetings.

“Travelling on the 30th was a mistake, and I regret it,” Trudeau said at a news conference. “This first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation was an important moment for all of us — Indigenous and non-Indigenous — to reflect, and to remember.”

Trudeau thanked a local chief for taking his call on the weekend so he could apologize for not accepting an invitation to her community on the day.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was declared by Trudeau’s government after the discovery of 215 children found buried at a former Indigenous residential school in Kamloops, ブリティッシュコロンビア attracted worldwide attention this year.

Many non-Indigenous Canadians had not been aware of the extent of the problems at the schools until the remains were found.

19世紀から1970年代まで, より多い 150,000 先住民族の子供たちは、カナダ社会に同化するために、国が資金提供するクリスチャン寄宿学校に通うことを余儀なくされました。. 何千人もの子供たちが病気やその他の原因でそこで亡くなりました, 多くの人が家族に戻らなかった

I’m focused on making this right,” Trudeau said.

Many analysts have called Trudeau tone deaf for his vacation and questioned who is advising him

“How it happened is far less important than it happened," 彼は言った.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party won reelection last month but must rely on one opposition party to pass legislation.