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Homeless Iraq war veteran’s dog dies after it was allegedly tased during his arrest

Homeless Iraq war veteran’s dog dies after it was allegedly tased during his arrest
Joshua Rohrer in mourning after his service dog was tasered and later run over while he was taken into police custody for panhandling

A homeless Iraq war veteran who was allegedly roughed up by police while being arrested for panhandling says his service dog was tasered during the melee, and escaped and later died.

Joshua Rohrer, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder relating to his military service, was on a median strip with his two-year-old Belgian malinois, named Sunshine, in Gastonia, Carolina do Norte, sobre 13 October when someone called 911 to complain about him using his dog to ask for money.

According to a witness, police arrived at the strip with sirens flashing and demanded he produce ID.

“He wasn’t moving fast enough so he tried to reach into his pocket to get his ID. They slammed him up against the car,” witness Justyn Huffman told WCNC.

“They put cuffs on him.”

Witnesses said Sunshine reacted to the police officer’s actions by biting his boots.

Sunshine had been specially-trained to help Mr Rorher with his PTSD

It’s alleged an officer fired a taser at Sunshine, and she ran off with a prong hanging from her body.

Ms Huffman said she screamed: “Don’t shoot the dog! Don’t shoot the dog!”

“They took (Josh) to the back of the police car and slammed him on the pavement.”

Em uma entrevista com o Military Times, Mr Rorher denied he had been doing anything wrong prior to his arrest.

“I was just standing there, waving at people, when this lady waved me over and offered me money,” Mr Rohrer, who was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq for a year, disse a Military Times.

“I was accused of falsely using my dog to get money from people and asking people for money but that’s not true.”

Mr Rorher said after the police officers became aggressive towards him, Sunshine tried to calm him down.

“She was just doing her job, licking me and trying to calm me down,”Ele disse ao Military Times.

Mr Rorher said he pleaded with the arresting officers that Sunshine be allowed to accompany him to the station under a North Carolina statute that allows people with disabilities the right to keep their rescue dogs with them.

But he says the officers laughed at him, and took him into custody where he was charged with panhandling and resisting arrest.

He said he was able to contact a Veteran’s Affairs advocate who located Sunshine near the location where he was arrested.

However Sunshine escaped. After his release, Mr Rorher began searching for her, and she was found two days later, run over by a car.

He suffered a PTSD episode after discovering his best friend’s fate, and was treated at a Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Asheville.

Joshua Rorher’s booking photo

He says he wanted to draw attention to his traumatising experience in the hope that it didn’t happen to anyone else.

“I’m just blown away that this could happen to a veteran and service dog team, or anybody really, homeless or not,” Mr Rorher said.

The Gastonia Police Department said they were investigating to “determine if the conduct of our officers was appropriate.”

Last Thursday, several protesters gathered to protest the police actions. A candlelit vigil for Sunshine Rae was also held last week. A Facebook page dedicated to show support for Mr Rorher has gained 1500 followers.

Panhandling is illegal in North Carolina if an individual verbally panhandles at night, or at any time of day when within 20 feet of a financial institution, outdoor dining area or transit stop.