This £925 bag from Balenciaga looks just like vintage Tesco carrier bag

This £925 bag from Balenciaga looks just like vintage Tesco carrier bag
The luxury design house previously released a tote that was similar to the iconic Ikea shopper bag

Supermarket chic appears to be the order of the day, なので バレンシアガ’s new shopper bag bears a striking similarity to the old テスコ carrier bags of yore.

The brand’s Monday Shopper Bag, from its Spring 2022 Clones Collection, is a white calfskin bag that features vertical blue stripes and the Balenciaga name in a red label.

The look is reminiscent of plastic carrier bags that Tesco used to give to customers in the 1980s.

The supermarket has since changed the design of its carrier bags, but encourages customers to choose its more sustainable bags for life.

While Tesco still sells its carrier bags, which are now made from recycled plastic waste, in its stores for 20p per bag, Balenciaga’s version will set shoppers back by £925.

The luxury fashion house, a favourite among celebrities including Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, described the bag as a “modern interpretation of archetypal bag” そのウェブサイトで.

It also comes in a red and yellow colourway. The Monday Shopper Bag includes silver hardware, snap closures, an inner zip pocket and inner patch pocket.

Balenciaga has previously released a tote bag that was mocked for appearing to be a high-end copy of イケア’s iconic blue bag in 2017.

The designer version was described as having “blue, wrinkled, glazed leather” and feature two short handles and two long ones, in the exact same fashion as Ikea’s Frakta bags, and were priced at £1,600.

対照的に, the Swedish furniture design company’s bags are 100 per pent polypropylene and cost just 75p.

Ikea took a light-hearted approach to the apparent copycat, releasing an advertisement to help customers identify an original Ikea Frakta bag.

Its advice included shaking the bag, because “if it rustles, it’s the real deal” and checking the price tag to ensure it cost under a dollar.